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easy pipecleaner and felt ghost

This little ghost is very simple and requires very little sewing. After you make one, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to make another so you can have all kinds of little ghosties haunting your place!

For this wee little ghostie you need:
white embroidery floss (or thread) and needle
white felt
18mm wood bead
white pipe-cleaner
black pen

1. Cut the white felt into a circle that measures 4 1/4″ across; it does not have to be a perfect circle.
2. Bend the pipe-cleaner in half, make a “w” to form the legs, and then form the arms and neck. Bend the bottom of the legs to form feet.

3. Twist the neck and arms to secure the form. Put a lot of glue into the hole of the bead and stick the bead onto the neck.
4. Cover the wood bead with glue, find the center of the felt circle and cover the bead.

5. Pinch the felt on both sides of the head to make the typical ghost form, take the needle through both layers and stitch together. Stitch the front and back pieces by taking the needle through both layers from the side of the head following along the bottom of the bead.

 6. Draw eyes and a mouth on your ghostie with the black pen, then place him in the window to scare away any ghouls or goblins.

Happy Autumn!
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chipmunk and hedgehog plush

A new design- Chubby Cheeked Chipmunk. She’s made from thrifted herringbone pants, soft wool sweaters, and wool blend felt. She carries an extra acorn in her pocket for emergencies.

I still LOVE making hedgehogs! This is Olivia the tea party loving hedgehog.

Both have been added to my 5 Orange Potatoes  Etsy shop. I have 5 shows that I’m vending between now and Christmas, I will have to close my shop periodically for a day or even a weekend because I bring the critters from my Etsy shop to the shows. If there is something you see there, be forewarned it might not be there after a show (he, he, no pressure or anything!). I will also be adding the the shop a lot in the next few weeks before Christmas….with FREE SHIPPING. Sorry to be all “shop talk” but this is my life for the time being.

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seahorse and owl softies

I have 2 art markets coming up in Columbus, so I’ve been busy busy stitching away! Here are my latest designs-

Marie Antoinette Seahorse (with winky-eye of course)

and winky-eyed hootenannies!

I was so glad the hydrangea tree was in full bloom for Friday’s Flowers (Fimby) today; I mixed the blossoms up a bit with a few stems of lemon balm. I love the light summery scent of this bouquet.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Felt flowers-

Nature’s flowers (Friday’s Flowers, an evening early)-

Paper flowers-

Embroidered flowers-

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handmade hedgehog and owl- etsy shop update

Hildegard Hedgehog and

Bubblegum Hootenanny-

have been added to my Etsy Shop. Click on the orange links to be redirected.

I hope to see you there. ;)

Thank you!


wip- star nosed mole

The star-nosed mole is a work in progress right now. I gave her a drowsy eye on one side because she is sleepy from digging so much in our yard (we have a lot of mole hills).

Of course she is winking because she knows something that we humans don’t.

I plan to add claws, a tail,  some flower tattoos, and maybe a bow to make up for the lack of ears.

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes for Araina; they meant a lot to her!

“That’s all.”