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easy upside down glass jar terrarium

A long while back we made terrariums using charcoal, sand, and gravel; but at a recent unschool get together we made the most SIMPLE TERRARIUMS using upside down glass jars and-

the most basic of supplies:
-a glass jar with screw on or clamp on lid
-very small amount of potting soil
-moss and small plants that grow in moss (we gathered moss and Oxalis from under our oak tree)

Easy to do-
-Place a small amount of potting soil on the lid of the jar, make it even with the top of the lid.
-Put the moss and small plants onto the soil, you can include some garden soil. There is no specific amount here, just make sure your green life has something to dig it’s roots into.

-Lightly water if the plants are dry.
-Carefully screw on the lid, the soil will work it’s way toward the center of the jar. 
-Place in a window that gets a few hours of daily sun.
*Condensation will form and create a very pretty habitat that will last for months. I also love the look of the upside down jar.


 “That’s all,”
– Lisa

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