PTOE= Periodic Table of Elements

periodic table 104 Introduction Activities

periodic table 103The Periodic Table of Elements Riddles (free download)

commonmush_14527_mdScience songs and videos

ivory soap 6 Ivory soap experiment- Oxygen  (includes free downloadable booklet)

clover tea Nitrogen activity- Red Clover Tea

oxalis Oxalic Acid– wood sorrel

terrrariums 163 Carbon Cycle in a Terrarium

CO2 5 3 dry ice experiments- carbon

decomposer 122  Carbon-Decomposing Ecosystem and Decomposition

stars and carbon lava lamp 032 Carbon Dioxide Gas and Stars Experiment

stars and carbon 077 Carbon Star Window Hangs

IMG_1420 Aluminum: Story and Fairy House: Twig story

IMG_1535 Aluminum Art Mobile

Gold 079 A! U! Give me back my GOLD!! : Scavenger hunt, panning for gold.

Onions 005 Sulfur and onions: grow Miss Lily Onionhead, onion ring recipe

Onions 074 8 Things to do with Onions

walnut dye bath Natural Dyes with links to chemical bonding of dyes

IMG_3348 The Chemistry of Pectin: making jelly

herbal cough drops candy making

UV bracelets 023 Ultraviolet Detectives

colors of ice iridesence

water color polymer cornstarch beads

rainbows 046 Rainbow Polymers

rainbows 129 Melting Rainbows

rainbows 084 Pasta Rainbow

Great Math Games (free download)

8 responses to “PTOE/Science”

  1. Erin

    thanks for putting these all in one easy to access place!

  2. Erin

    Thanks for this! Excited to get started with this!

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  4. renee @ FIMBY

    Hon, I’ve been meaning to ask forever what’s PTOE? I’ll probably feel stupid when you answer but oh well..

    1. Dianna

      In case no one has responded to you, “PTOE” stands for “Periodic Table of Elements”. These acronyms can get confusing, but they do make life easier once you know what they mean. The Periodic Table of Elements is an organized table of all of the elements arranged in order by atomic number, in rows and columns. Very best regards, to you!

  5. Tabatha

    Wow! You have a great site! Love your activities. Thanks for sharing.

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