cinnamon spice doll

 scented herbal play dough

 magnolia blossom bath oil 

winter sunflower soak winter sunflower and oats soak/scrub

herbal cough drops herbal honey candy/medicinal drops

ink and handmade paper herbal scented ink

essential oils for flu Ease flu symptoms– be sure to read the comments for even more remedies!

rainy gremlin 2 Essential oil gremlin– free pattern

IMG_5902 Sure cures and herbal lore

wreath 1 Feel Better Herbal Wreath

autumn 4 Goldenrod (free download)

clover tea Red Clover Tea

IMG_2459 Plantain Insect Sting and Bite Remedy

IMG_1795 wild edible plants in ohio and great lake states (free download)

img_2078 Calendula Oil

IMG_2876 Dandelion cookies

IMG_2942 Dandelion Syrup

IMG_3537 Violet and Dandelion Jelly

IMG_6040 Lavender Lemonade

IMG_7821 Lavender Cake

IMG_0798 Lavender Syrup

IMG_7874 Lavender Wand

lavender herbal doll Lavender Doll

IMG_2367 Violet Sun Tea

img_1109 Jewelweed Poison Ivy Remedy

img_2626 Elderberry Syrup for Immunity and the Flu

IMG_5056 Rosewater Method 1

IMG_5191 Rosewater Method 2

IMG_6793 Rosewater Beads

valentine rosewater cookies 019 rosewater cookies

IMG_3656 Chive Vinegar

IMG_5685 Herb Croutons and Swiss Chard Salad

IMG_7954 Herbal Homemade Popsicles

IMG_1114 Candied Flowers

4 responses to “Herbs”

  1. Bonnie Kavanagh

    I love your blog and I love your “new” VW bus….looks like fun to me and what better vehicle for an herbalist to be driving!
    I’m a new subscriber and nurse-herbalist from Rhode Island and I love your blog.
    Going to be blogging myself soon and can’t wait.!
    Bonnie K in RI

  2. Katherine

    Yeah…this is probably my favorite section…I’m sooooo bookmarking the violet jelly recipe for later!

  3. pam

    Wow, wonderful recipes..a person after my own heart!
    I have just made Elderberry/apple and blackberry preserve…and now have Elderberry and plum wine on the brew in porch.
    Warmest wishes from Pam

  4. Nikki

    Oooh, I’m gonna enjoy having this herbal section laid out like this. By the time summer rolls around I’ll be coming back to hunt out your recipes.

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