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I love comments, but if you prefer email you can reach me at crinklebein at gmail dot com. Be specific in the subject line, I receive a lot of email daily and don’t want to miss yours. I will respond asap.

Thanks, lisa

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  1. Gayle Hastert

    I just read your piece regarding waxing flowers. Can hardly wait to try. I used to make Christmas ornaments using beeswax and my Brown Bag cookie cutters. I found it easiest to melt my wax in my crockpot after having put in a crock pot liner. Extra melted wax? Just let it cool in the bag. Easy peasy!



  2. arlene buono

    I have picture of a mason jar with pretty colored Fall leaves in it, and it seems to have liquid in it too. It also says Your search showed nothing, but I know it is from you, because of your name. I wanted the directions for this please. Thanks, Arlene Buono

  3. Alison Homes

    Hi, I just came across your site as I was interested in learning how to make fairies. I am so excited about having a go and I would just love to make the little Felt Fairy Tree House. How do I get a pattern for it?
    Thank You
    Whyalla South Australia

  4. Granny

    Loved everything I saw. I had you situated in my favorites, but had it tagged wrong. THANKS for updating me. You are an amazing crafter, mother, wife, daughter, GRANDDAUGHTER, friend, neighbor, teacher…..what else? LOVE YOU

  5. Jeanene

    Haven’t stopped by for a while, always a pleasure to visit your blog. Love your little ghost, couldn’t leave a comment there though.

  6. Chelsy

    Hi! Wondering why yournpreserving leaves in a lantern from Nov. ’09 won’t come up, can you please repost?

  7. paula

    hi, i recently purchased one of your upcycled sweater kitty pillows at wholly craft! in columbus. it will be the “purrfect” christmas gift for a fellow cat lover (if i can wait that long to give it to her). i was so happy to stumble on a great handmade item to present to this friend who also is a crafter and artist. your work is whimsical, fun and inspiring!

  8. Nina

    really glad I stumbled upon your site and I appreciate you putting an age in the crafts…thanks! linked to it on my blog today –

  9. Nikki

    Hi Lisa, I’m just doing a big catch up on your site. I’ve been looking for inspiration for some crafty things to do with my kids after school (we’re sadly no longer homeschoolers). I hope you don’t mind that I’ve pinned some of your ideas onto my Pinterest board – they are fully credited to you with a link to your website. Kind regards, Nikki.

  10. Susan Burke

    Love the Olympia! I have an older ( I think) one that types in typical typewriter print! My Dad bought it in the late 50’s/early 60’s when he was in the Navy. He had it with him on board the USS Ranger. He was the ship’s journalist. I have it now and am out of ribbon for it. I should google where to get some! I’ll bet my 7 year old would love to use it!!

  11. Christie

    I wanted to tell you I did a project with the kids from school yesterday. I made little stuffies from the sleeves of old sweaters. I posted a couple examples last week. I let them loose and they created some cute stuff! Seriously cute. My daughter was in charge of taking pictures and they turned out a bit blurry but two great ideas that came from them. A pig, and a chicken. REALLY cute! Just thought I should mention it as the might work with your menagerie. :)

    1. Christie

      By the way, being that I do not sew :) we used a hot glue gun! LOL

  12. Elizabeth

    Hi there.
    I was hoping that you would let me use your scented herbal playdough post for my website. Genius!!
    I’m hoping that I will get a chance to make it with my kids. Is it okay if I link it to you?
    Thanks! I love your fun ideas.

  13. Laura


    I really enjoy your blog and I follow it since lot of time, but I have never left a message here…

    I would like to know, if I may ask, which camera do you use to take all these beautiful pictures. I am about buying a new reflex and I am looking for good tips 😉

    Sorry for my English… I am from Italy 😉

    Keep up this very good work!

    Greetings from Bologna, Italy


  14. Dawn

    Dear Lisa,
    I discovered your blog while writing a blog post about dandelions, and found your dandelion cookie recipe which I put into my post (with a link back to your blog). Thank you for sharing! I’ll be back to your site again ~ and I’ve included your blog in my ODDities & WONDERfullies section ~ your site obviously goes under the WONDERfullies part :)
    Cheers ~
    P.S. I hope you’ll check out my blog: ART of Humungous Proportions

  15. Karen

    I thought you may like to check out our ocean discoveries…

    We had some friends visiting from Germany and found some cool things. Have a great day, karen

  16. amanda

    hi. just wanted to say your blog makes me so happy. it’s very inspiring to see someone doing great things here in ohio. makes me realize i don’t have to be any other place and there are plenty of things to enjoy in nature and with a young family right here in my backyard! i especially love the way you helped change my view of dandelions and wild violets!

  17. Jayme

    Hello, I have been enjoying your blog greatly! So much, in fact, that I added you to my post. Each Wednesday, I am sharing things that I love, and where blogs are concerned, yours was included in this week’s list of things I love. You can check it out at

    Thanks for such a wonderful blog!


  18. Stefanie

    I love your blog and have so much fun reading it, especially since I too have two little ladies and live in Ohio (I can see the lake from my kitchen window!).
    I would love to see your ideas for all things mint, as our “secret garden” has loads of it already this spring!

  19. Joy Askew

    Hi Lisa,

    I really enjoy your blog. I would like to participate in the Nature Swap. My address is:

    Happy Swapping,

  20. lilmuselily

    Hi Lisa!

    We are relatively new to the blogging world and we would love to join the outdoor challenge.
    Do we do so by just adding a link every time we leave a comment?

    We really enjoy your blog!

    Thank you Claudia

  21. Rebecca

    I’m new to the blogging world. How do we become apart of the great outdoor challange?

    What a great blog,


  22. angelina

    hey lis, d’ya see that you and your hosting is on the soulemama favorites link? too cool! ive met the coolest folks thru your site: truly.

  23. Angela

    I was wondering if you planned on doing a tutorial on how to dye fabric? It is just so beautiful!

  24. Jennifer in MamaLand

    Okay, I’m dumb, I guess. But how does everybody in these comments get those AMAZING cool avatars???

  25. Lise

    Hi, Lisa,
    I’d be honored if you used my photo! Thanks for asking! :-) Lise

  26. Charley Jones

    Hi Lisa
    Just wondering how I get the “I’m taking part in the Great Outdoor Challenge” badge/link thing so I can put it up on my site. Also, is the idea that people just post on their own blogs? or should we post pics somewhere on your site?
    Kind Regards

  27. Karen

    I just love your blog. My kids love to be outside and when you get the chance please take a look at my blog. We just found a yellow belly slider this week. Thanks again, Karen

  28. Jeanene

    Such a beautiful blog you have, we have a similar life in Dominican Republic, organic veg, cows, horses, chickens, ducks, turtles and my sons favourite lots of huge toads and petite chenille. We have two boys 4 and 7 that we homeschool, they are just amazing little naturalists, loving and creative – always outdoors! I do love to work with wool and felt but it’s so hot here especially without airconditioning. My son recently knitted a beautiful kitty cat for his little brother. Do email me so I can share some of my photos with you.

  29. Shawna

    Hope you don’t mind me using this idea in some way at work! I like this :-)

  30. Natalie

    Hey there-

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. Wondering if you use on the Basher book and the chart for resources on studying the periodic table, or if you have anything else. I am a homeschooler and think this would be a good study for us that we can all get involved in. I’m just a little short on the creative side and wondered if there was another resource for experimenting with the the elements. Thanks for sharing!!!


  31. Allison

    I came upon your blog by way of another one. Great Blog. I love flowers and I think they are essential now a days.

    Maybe when you get a chance you can check out my Everything Happens for a Reason –

    Thanks Allison

  32. Tamra

    Email me so I can email you pictures of the ones I’ve made. I managed to lose your email somewhere in the shuffle.

  33. Carolyn

    Gosh, just found you via Handmade Holidays on ‘Sew Mama Sew’. I look at many craft and plant related blogs but yours has really inspired and excited me as it has all the things I love: Craft! Herbs! plants! I’m going to enjoy having a good read, and I’m going to start by making the Get Well Gremlin for my little 5 yr old niece who’s poorly with the flu. So Thank You!

  34. Kathleen

    I have to tell you, You are my inspiration. You do all the things I’d like to integrate more into my families lives. I’ll be a frequent guest to your blog.

  35. Kim

    I was just wondering what laminator you use. I’m looking to purchase one and it seems that yours probably gets a lot of use. Would you recommend it? Love your creative ideas!!!

  36. Arijenne

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing this lovely blog with us. I do enjoy it so much. I just am looking this yarn activity u made once but i cant find it anymore. U folded a circle and put pins and tied yarn around the pins. Hope that rings a bell lol i am pretty bad in describing almost anything :)

  37. Beth

    Hi, Lisa,

    Thank you so much for the recipe for a vapor rub. You are a treasure trove of knowledge about such things! I am so happy I “met” you! Beth

  38. Diane


    A friend stopped by with something he bought at a flea market. She is witch pitcher so much charm and character. I came to the web to look for more. She is a direct relative to your cookie jar. I, too will keep her out all year long.

    Happy fall,

  39. jess

    I look at many blogs and only bookmark a select few… Your blog is in their!!!! I love and connect with your ideas… Thank you for sharing!!! :)

    ~ Jess Satnick

  40. Beth

    Hi….I did not learn to tie shoelaces like that. The little girl in the picture showed me this method, which seems a little simpler perhaps. I am interested to know what you figure out about rosehips. I actually enjoy just nibbling the juicy outside, avoiding the seed altogether. I’ll do a little research, too. I saw rosehip syrup mentioned in the British Country Living, in an article about bushcraft, and I have a Native American food book which might have some handy information. Thanks! Beth

  41. Igor

    Do you have an email newsletter?

  42. Beth

    Do you have ideas for what we can do with rosehips?

  43. Polly

    I love the doll! Please enter me into the giveaway! You have a great talent! Keep it up!

  44. Susan

    Thanks for the great site! You and the girls have so much fun together. I’ve made a few dolls out of the book and would love to own it. Please enter me in your drawing.

    I also tried your elberberry honey syrup and loved it. I was a bit cautious so didn’t share it with the kids. Thanks for the great inspiration daily!

  45. Josie

    Hi Lisa, I came across your blog by The Vintage Chica and I enjoyed reading your post stories but specially the beautiful orange Calendula and your post for the calendula infusion the most. They are one of my favorite flowers to grow in my garden, I usually cut them and place them in a vase, or I sprinkle the flower pedals in my salad. My husband doesn’t care for them. His comment is they make the salad very colorful; however, he carefully removes the pedals and set them aside of the plate…that’s cute. Although, if I place a plate of ribs or a slice of chocolate cake in front of him, he does not hesitate, it all disappears.

    My garden is a bit bare now and the Calendula’s are gone. When I read your post, this inspire me for next year, to make the infusion next year and invite my grandchildren to help me make it. They always want to help in the kitchen and making cookies during the summer is too hot to turn on the oven, so I am always looking for ideas to share with them.

    I just created my blog this May and I am still trying to figure some of the setting and layouts. I want to add another page, but do not know how; also my friends have tried to leave comments on my blog but for some reason are not posting. Can you please help me? How did you add your “Pages of Good Stuff!” page on the side and the comment page? I hope this is not too much trouble and I do appreciate your time helping me.

    Thank you, Josie
    Expressive Spirit

  46. kay

    I hope this is email but I wanted you to know I do every morning look at the site to see what is happening with the kids and yourself. Due to my “pending” exit of working can you change my address to my personal email? Still not sure of my exact date.

    By the way I think the kids should make their fairy folks

    1. Karen Reece


      My name is Karen, and I have cucumbers I will like to store but not pickle. Can I freeze them and if I can what is the best way to do so?

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