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milkweed mice

Three blind mice?

milkweed pod mice

Hardly! Can you tell what they were made from? Here’s a hint- fluffy and soft, little ones (and big ones) like to make wishes on them……

milkweed seed

Yep, milkweed pods! These were so easy to make! We pulled the dry pods from the plants; pull carefully with the stem intact, it makes the perfect mouse tail! The pods should already be naturally split in half to make the little mouse body. We didn’t take the pods with a lot of seeds because we want more milkweed in our field, we’ll harvest those after the seeds are gone, or you could just blow the seeds away in the breeze of course.

milkweed mouse

The little ladies used Sharpie markers to draw the eyes, ears and pink noses. That’s it! Araina even drew little hearts on the inside of the pods. We now have many little mice scampering about……….


Good thing our mighty hunter sleeps a lot!


We will probably hang these cuties on our Yule tree in December, but right now they are very fun little natural toys!

felt felty felty inspiration little ladies mice sewing

sewing with children WIP

There has been A LOT of hand sewing going on over here (especially by Araina)! Gushing mommy moment……no patterns and no direction by me. Have a look: 

araina doll

doll IMG_4248

doll4 doll 5

  araina's owls

  baby owl


Fauna started a weekly sewing class yesterday. She is so excited to learn how to use the sewing machine (and excited to teach me). Her first project is a backpack; what shocks me is the color of fabric she chose. “Bye bye pink!” she said. What is it with turning 8? She no longer thinks she’s a little girl……….(sigh).

  fauna backpack

felt mice story

A Little Tale of Mice

The little mice came out to play,

One very smart mouse ran away!

Where did he go?” The red one said, “I sure hope he’s found well and certainly not dead!”

Joyous reunion!

He’s been found!

All is well, safe and sound!

Story written by the little ladies. Red mouse sewn by A (with a little help).