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Evergreen tea party, make spruce, pine, and fir tea

We went foraging in our yard today for various evergreens to have an evergreen tea tasting party, we are lucky to have many organic evergreen trees in our yard so we know they are safe to use in teas. An evergreen tea party is such a fun way to celebrate Winter Solstice!

evergreen tea 5

We collected red pine, white pine, fir, spruce, and rosehips. Ok, technically rosehips aren’t an evergreen but they are yummy and they were calling our names!

evergreen tea 6

While the tea kettle was warming the water to a boil, we chopped up the needles and rosehips. First we were taking the needles off the stems but the spruce and fir were a little painful……

evergreen tea 2

evergreen tea 3

When the tea kettle whistled we added the boiling water to the greens and rosehips, letting them steep for 10-15 minutes.

evergreen tea 4

Finally, ready for the taste test.
We put a little tea in a tea cup, sipped each tea a couple of times, kept sipping if we loved, dumped if we didn’t.

Some of the results:
“The Blue Spruce smells like cat pee.” (I happen to agree).
“The White Pine has a very nice delicate flavor that would be delicious paired with honey.”
“The fir tastes like Yule tree, a very strong and aromatic flavor.”
“The rosehips have a sweet and sour taste.”

evergreen tea party

I encourage everyone to try this, it was a lot of fun! There are a lot of health benefits to evergreens, they are helpful to drink during cold and flu season because of the vitamin C and electrolytes they carry. They are also wonderful in ointments and astringents. I will share more ideas on how to use them in future posts throughout the winter.

“That’s all,”


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applesauce cinnamon spice pomanders and acorns- diy

I LOVE cinnamon applesauce dough and use it for both Winter and Summer Solstice. This year, we made a spicier dough to make acorns and pomanders.

acorn pomander 2

 You need:
1 cup cinnamon
1 tablespoon cloves
1 tablespoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon allspice
1 cup applesauce
2 tablespoons white glue
acorn caps
whole cloves
thin paintbrush
large bowl and small bowl

*If you don’t have the cloves, nutmeg, and allspice you can use THIS cinnamon applesauce recipe.

acorn pomander 6

1. Combine cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice in a small bowl. 2. In a large bowl combine and stir together the glue and applesauce. 3. Add spices to the applesauce-glue mixture. 4. Stir and use hands to make a “cookie dough” consistency (add more applesauce if too dry, cinnamon if too wet). Form the dough into a large ball.

spice acorns and pomanders 4

5. Pinch off enough dough to form into small balls, use a paintbrush to form a hole through the center, add the cloves while on the paintbrush, this helps keep the ball’s form.

acorn pomander 5

6. Again, pinch small amounts of dough to form acorn shapes, shape them into their chosen caps.

spice acorn and pomander 7

7. Put pomanders and acorns (with their caps on so you know which acorn goes to which cap) in a dehydrator at 215 degrees for about 2 hours. I haven’t put them in the oven to dry but I’m sure this is possible at a low temperature. 8. When completely dry, glue the cap onto the spiced acorn.

spice acorns and pomander 3

Place acorns and pomanders in a pretty wooden bowl with small cones for a lovely dry potpourri or string them to hang on the Yule tree.

spice acorns and pomanders

String them with orange slices or pinecones to make a lovely garland for hanging.

acorn pomander 3

acorn pomander 1

“That’s all,”

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winter potpourri- diy

I love having a pretty wooden bowl filled to the brim with a little woodland collection, tossed with some citrus, and spices.

potpourri 1

My winter potpourri includes: dried oranges, pinecones, rosehips, milkweed pods, acorns, a fir branch, a locus pod, powdered cinnamon, whole cloves, with a few drops of pine essential oil.

potpourri 2

“That’s all,”

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tummy ache herbal pops

 When my little ladies have a belly ache, drinking warm tea is not the answer, they prefer tummy ache pops.

tummy tea 6

To make the pops, I make a strong infusion of peppermint, spearmint, ginger, rosehips, and a touch of cinnamon.

tummy tea pops 3

I put the herbs in a large mason jar with 4 cups of boiling water, then cover and let the herbs steep for about 2 hours.

tummy tea pops 2

tummy tea 5

 Now to filter out the herbs, the girls love rosehips so I add those to the pops.

tummy tea pops 4

tummy tea pop 9

Pour the tea into popsicle molds and freeze. Obviously, this is a little time consuming so having some pops premade in the freezer is a good idea to have whenever the tummy aches hit.

tummy tea pops 9

“That’s all,”

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Rosemary wellness simmer- DIY for upper respiratory

Mmmmmmm, the scent of rosemary and citrus put me in an uplifting can do anything mood!

rosemary wellness simmer

Not only is rosemary a lovely way to scent your home but it is antibacterial, which helps clear phlegm from the head and chest. It’s great to simmer on the stove when there are upper-respiratory ailments or headaches going through your house. Rosemary citrus simmer is also a wonderful uplifting nerve tonic and can help clear the mind. I always had a rosemary plant in my classroom for children to go rub their hands through when anxiety was about, it always seemed to help them.

rosemary wellness 1

In a shallow pan of water, I put a few sprigs of rosemary (or 10-15 drops rosemary essential oil), a handful of citrus peel (lemon and orange), sometimes a drop of lavender or eucalyptus depending on my mood, and let it simmer all day. When members of my little family are under the weather or in an anxious state, this simmer always make them feel better.

“That’s all,”


herbs sewing


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We’ve been busy around here-
designing new plush,
harvesting herbs,
sterilizing jars for the herbs.

“That’s all,”