Organic Gardens and A Fountain Shop

We went to our local organic farm today. They had tables and tables full of organic herbs, vegetables and flowers. It was very hard to stick with our garden budget for the day. I can’t help myself when it comes to herbs….I always want 2 or 3 of each kind! The Ohio weather provided us […]

Raindrop Hike

We went outside looking for raindrops this morning and loved how these little droplets of water hung to some of the plants. Our favorite was the Lady’s Mantle, a single raindrop hung to each and every little notch of the leaf’s edge. We were rhyming as we hunted for raindrops and came up with this […]

Candied Edible Flowers

Today was a very wet and chilly day. We really needed a pick-up and needed to do something springy. We went outside for a little fresh air and noticed our wild violets were in bloom. We picked some to candy. We also picked Johnny Jump Ups, pansies and geraniums. To candy your petals you need […]

Monarch Watch and Planting Milkweed

We pulled out our seed box yesterday. It’s full of envelopes stuffed with seeds from our gardens. We had so much fun going through the box and seeing the gems we had saved in the fall. Milkweed is the favorite, so we decided to plant these seeds first. Separating the seeds from the fluff is […]

Moth Moon Garden

The Hummingbird Hawk moth is one of my very favorite insects. Last summer we had 2 hummers that visited our garden like clockwork, they came around the same time everyday. We always knew what time it was when we spotted a hummer. The Hummingbird Hawk moth is little different than other moths because it is […]

Spring Pink Lovlieness

Look what my sweet hubby brought home for me. The bit of spring I sooooo needed! Thank you Bam Bam! Print PDF