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Making a flower essence- crabapple blossom

Crabapple flower essence is for times you feel polluted for mental, physical, or spiritual reasons. If you feel the need to cleanse or purify, crabapple essence is the perfect flower remedy and so easy to make!

crabapple and dandelion harvest


You will need:
Fresh crabapple blossoms, enough to fill the surface the bowl
*spring or mineral water (about a cup to 2 cups)
*glass bowl
*3fl. oz. amber bottles
* 1 1/2 oz. brandy
*natural and unbleached filter paper
*mason jar

Cleanliness is vital to avoid contamination so all utensils used need to be sterilized. I lined my harvest basket with plantain leaves to transport or you could pick the flowers and put them into the water immediately, on site.

Properly ID flowers and pick when the flowers are first coming into bloom. Choose a cloudless, warm, and sunny day. The best time of day to harvest is after the flowers are dry from the morning dew, between 9:00am and noon.

As with any plant you use for herbal remedies, pick with respect, pick the flowers you are drawn to from every angle.


flower essence 1


*Pick the flowers and put them in the spring or mineral water as soon as possible.
*Float the flowers on top of the water until the whole surface is covered.
*Leave the bowl outside where it will receive direct sunlight for at least 3 hours, I like to keep the bowl close to the original plant I picked the flowers from.
*Bring the bowl inside and filter out the flowers, smell the water, you should smell a floral scent.


flower essence 2


*Fill a 3fl. oz. amber bottle half way with the brandy, then fill to the top with the floral essence. The brandy is a preservative and an “anchor” to hold the essence energy in the water,
*Label the essence and store it in a cool dark location. It should keep for years if utensils were sterlized.


crabapple essence


This is the Mother Essence (stock concentrate, undiluted) and can be taken under the tongue or diluted in water or tea. A very hot tea dilution will evaporate the alcohol if you are concerned about the alcohol.

Read more about and how to take crabapple flower essence and others here.

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my porch full of geraniums

geraniums geraniums 2

My mom loves her begonias, my grandma loved her pansies, my granny loves her roses, and I love my geraniums, just like my Great Aunt Curt (who died at the age of 101). When my great aunt was alive she would fill her white concrete planter full of red geraniums every spring; the planter is mine now and I do the same. I have many more geraniums than pictured here, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to this beautiful plant!

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Summer Solstice wreath

While harvesting peppermint yesterday, I came across a stem that was at least 4ft. tall growing within my fairy rose. I pulled it out and wound it into a circle to form the beginnings of a wreath.

summer solstice wreath 3

I added more peppermint, then lavender, and wanted the bright yellow yarrow to get my sunny punch of yellow. I think it makes the perfect Summer Solstice wreath!

summer solstice wreath 2   summer solstice wreath 1

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apple blossoms

Our apple orchard is full of blossoms this year! We did a little blossom harvesting to fill vases and make apple blossom jelly.

apple blossom 3   apple blossoms apple blossom 7 apple blossom 6 apple blossom 8 apple blossom 2 apple blossom 9 apple blossom 5

The jelly making starts tomorrow, can’t wait to taste it!

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dandelion chick craft

What says spring more than a yard full of dandelions? And little yellow chicks?

:: For this activity all you need is:
:: craft glue
:: orange felt
:: dandelions (10-20 depending on the size of the flower head)
:: a pinecone from a red pine (they sit really well due to the flat bottoms)
:: clay or anything else like buttons, leaves or black felt for the eyes

 :: Sit the pinecone up and start gluing each flower into the pinecone (that isn’t a dandelion in the picture above, Fauna got this project done so quickly I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, this project would work with other yellow flowers too).
:: Add eyes and beak after gluing the flowers.

:: Remember that dandelions close up at night so the chick will not remain yellow for longer than a day.

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lavender/rosemary ink

On our Williamsburg trip, my granny (that’s great granny to the little ladies), bought the girls each a white feather quill pen. The timing was great because I have been wanting to make a lavender/rosemary scented ink. This was a wonderful herbal activity leaving the house smelling great!

What you need:
sprigs of lavender (dry or fresh)
sprigs of rosemary (dry or fresh)
enamel pot

1. Use enough herbs to cover the bottom of your pan. Use your nose to help get just the scent you want.


2. Add enough water to cover the tops of the herbs.
3. Bring to a boil and let simmer until the water has reduced to a generous tablespoon.
4. Strain and you’re left with a pretty light brown ink. You could always add a drop or two of black ink to darken the color.

lavenderrosem. ink

The little ladies really enjoyed writing and drawing with wonderfully smelling ink and the gorgeous white feathers.

fauna and rain quill pins

Thanks for the feathers Granny!

lavenderrosemary ink 3

You could use any wonderful smelling herb for this activity. I think we will try a peppermint/lavender ink next time; it would be great for writing holiday cards. Who wouldn’t love a peppermint scented card for the holidays!?!?
Oooh, and a handmade gift of  scented ink, a calligraphy pen,  and homemade paper would be a lovely holiday gift idea! If you use the ink as a gift, you must add calligraphy ink to it or the herb solution will mold.

ink and handmade paper