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making flower children by sybille adolphi

This little fairy doll was inspired by the book, Making Flower Children,by Sybille Adolphi. My fairy doll is not in the book, but the book taught me how to put her together. It’s a lovely little book with patterns and instructions to make many little dollhouse-sized dolls that reflect flowers and insects that we see in our gardens. With the holidays right around the corner and knowing a lot of my crafty friends might be interested in this book- I’m giving one away.

doll 1

This is what the back of the book says, “Here are detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations for making a range of lively, creative flower figures. Activities are organized by season, making the book ideal for decorating a nature corner or seasonal table in the home or classroom.” 

book give

Here are some of the dolls included in the book.


book give 6

book give 3

 To enter the giveaway just leave a comment. Anyone can enter, will ship world-wide! Deadline to enter is Wednesday, Sept. 30. Now to go and really start working on that gift list for the handmade holidays I’m doing this year. Have a lovely week! Giveaway Closed.

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shakespeare for kids (shakespeare globe terrariums)

 Many, many years ago I had a dream that my sister Katrina and I owned a little terrarium shop full of hanging glass spheres full of green life. This dream will always be in my mind and it inspired me to do this little Shakespeare activity with the girls. Shakespeare was a country boy and knew his herbs and plants. He always incorporated his medicinal knowledge and herbal lore into his plays. As The Little Ladies and I read Shakespeare we always stop and talk about the plants he writes about; it’s fun to see them recognize the names of the plants.

shakespeare globe 3

To make a Shakespeare Herbal Globe (ha, kind of a bad play on words) you need:

glass ornaments- the thicker the glass the better (I found mine at Michael’s craft store)

charcoal (from a pet store)

potting soil

herbs from Shakespeare’s plays, preferably with roots, but cuttings are OK

chopstick or pencil


shakespeare globe 5

  Carefully sprinkle a couple pinches of charcoal into the glass sphere. Add soil using a funnel to help guide the soil into the sphere. The Little Ladies used a rubber tree leaf as their funnel, silly girls, however it did work!

shakespeare globe 4

Add the herbs. We used ones with the roots already formed. This is easy to find with mint and thyme. If you are using cuttings, pull off the bottom leaves and insert the bare part of the stem into the soil. Use a chopstick or pencil to bury and arrange your plants.

shakespeare globe

Add a sprinkle of water and the terrariums are ready to go. Be warned though, sometimes this little habitat gets too warm and it can crack the glass. I have had a few do this. Last year I tried garden soil and moss from my yard, each sphere cracked within 12 hours! These little herb terrariums haven’t failed us yet though! Personally, I wouldn’t put the caps back on, this will prohibit even more warm air to escape. We are planning to make wire hangers to hold the Shakespeare herbal globes; they would look so cute hanging from the window!

shakespeare globe 2

shakespeare globe 7

Here are some beautiful words of Shakespeare and click here to read more with a list of herbs mentioned in his plays. 

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows
Quite overcanopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with elgantine.
(-A Midsummer’s Night Dream)

There is rosemary, that’s for remembrance:
pray, love, remember:
and there is pansies, that’s for thoughts. -Hamlet)

 What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet. (
- Romeo and Juliet)

 I am that flower,
That mint,
That columbine. (
- Love’s Labour Lost)

 Hot lavender, mints, savory, marjoram;
The marigold, that goes to bed wi’ th’ sun,
And with him rises weeping; these are flow’rs
Of middle summer, and I think they are given
To men of middle age. (
-The Winter’s Tale)

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felt fairy house (wip)

This little felt house is not a WIP exactly, because it’s already done. However, I will be making a couple more for the Little Ladies come holiday time. I made this fairy house 5 years ago for Fauna’s wee folk. I LOVED making wee folk back then but grew a little tired of wrapping chenille stems with floss and had to take a break. Lately, the girls have been asking for more. Fauna wants a fairy family (I can’t believe I haven’t made a fairy set, I was obsessed with trees at the time and made a maple family, oak family and sweet gum family) and Araina wants a ladybug family. So it’s time, once again, to start wrapping chenille stems and to dig out the pattern I made for this little house.

fairy house

I loved designing this little house with the leaf roof and the flowers growing on the sides. My handsewing skills have really improved since 5 years ago so the whole process of the wee folk and the felt house should come easier this time around. 

felt fairy house

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Free AMAZING Clipart

I must share this AMAZING free clipart site from Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse….Clipart ETC.  There are no advertisements or pop ups at this site, it is safe. There are over 58,000 illustrations from old books, pin and ink drawings and prints. Some of the categories are math, plants, animals, alphabet, music, cartoons, American history…these are only a few. You won’t be disappointed. Here are some samples……



49678_red_clover_lg commonmush_14527_md

fairy_2_md unicorn_7194_md

 CLICK HERE for a visit!

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Make a Fairy Doll

My mom made some cute and whimsical fairies for Fauna’s birthday. These fairies can be made with very little sewing skills.


What you need: pre-made doll form (found at any craft store), embroidery thread, silk flowers, cloth scraps, ribbon and any other pretty whimsical sewing notions that a fairy would be proud to wear.


First make a simple little jumper using scrap cloth. Hand sew (or glue) the details onto the dress; silk flowers for the skirts and wings and ribbon for whimisical details.  


 Use a skein of embroidery thread for the hair. Tack on the hair then glue or tack on any details for hair accessories.


What little girl wouldn’t love a small wicker rocker full of colorful and lovely fairies??? (photo below taken by Fauna)


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Magical Scavenger Hunt

We started off Fauna’s birthday today with a magical scavenger hunt (inspired by Magic Onions). Fauna found a note today that needed decoding by painting watercolors over magical clues (messages written by white crayon on white paper;  paint over the paper using watercolors and the clues magically appear).


Each clue was hung in a tree with a little treasure to be found around the clue.


Fauna found the treasure,  cut the next clue down and painted over the paper to discover where the next treasure was hidden.


Fauna had a total of 8 treasures to be found. She LOVED every minute of this. Araina helped me set it up and enjoyed watching Fauna hunt and decipher the clues.


Her new found treasures have special sentimental value. When I was a kid I collected all kinds of “little animals” and kept them in a printer’s box on my bedroom wall. I loved unicorns around the age of 8 (so does Fauna) and found this to be the appropriate time to pass the unicorns down to her.  I also gave her the printer’s box to display them on her wall. There are still many little animals to pass on to my girls……plenty for future treasure hunts!


Now off to make a cake then go see Harry Potter with my little lady!

*By the way, as soon as I took the camera out this morning Fauna looked at me and said, “Oh, I need to run upstairs and put my hair up first!” It’s starting already……….