baby bath and shower tea

A nice, soothing, and relaxing bath tea can nourish the skin, calm the nerves, and help put babies, kids, mamas, and dads into a sweet slumber. For this tea bag I used calendula and comfrey for its benefits to the skin, lavender and rose petals for the calming aromatherapy, and catnip for relaxing qualities for the nervous system.

baby bath 8baby bath 2

Supplies needed: 1tbs. lavender buds, 1tbs. rose petals, 2tbs. calendula petals, 2tbs. comfrey, 2tbs. catnip, 20″ piece of yarn or twine, 4″ x 5 1/2″ muslin rectangle, thread, scissors

baby bath 3

1. Mix the herbs. 2. Fold the rectangles in half and cut a half heart. 3. Leaving inside sides together and placing the end tails (1″ to 1 1/2″) of the yarn between the hearts to form the hanger, sew a zigzag stitch around the heart, leaving a 2 inch opening for stuffing the herbs.

baby bath 4 baby bath 5

4. Stuff the herbs into the heart. 5. Stitch closed with the zigzag stitch.

baby bath 6

Directions for use: For the bath– hang the heart on the bath tap and turn on the water to very hot to “wake up” the herbs and get the best essential oils from them, like you would for tea. Turn to lukewarm once a good tea infusion takes place. Let the heart then float in the tub, wipe skin with the heart like you would use a washcloth. For the shower– hang heart on shower head, let the warm water hit the heart. Use the heart like a washcloth and cleanse the skin while squeezing the tea out of the heart.

 baby bath

If you don’t sew, you can put this herb mix in a 6″ diameter circle of cotton cloth, bring up all of the edges and tie the herbs nice and snug inside the cloth.

“That’s all,”

PS- for high quality, organic, and fresh herbs I order from Mountain Rose Herbs  or Horizon Herbs if I don’t already grow them in my garden.

9 responses to “baby bath and shower tea”

  1. Christine Wood

    Lovely! It’s time to visit Mountain Rose Herbs for me!

    1. Christine Wood

      Hi Lisa, Is this for a one time use or can you reuse it a couple of times?

  2. Christie

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the mix. I am going to try this once I figure out a different way to “sew’ the hearts since I don’t sew. :(

    I wanted to ask a questions and tell you something.

    question: On solstice you posted about a moon you made, what was that fabric? I Love it!

    fact: In regard to your spruce tea, in the spring, you can pick the tips, coat them in honey and roll them in sugar. Makes for a great snack. :)

    Also, we make jelly from the tips and it is so good! Very earthy, YUM!

  3. georgine bosak

    Hi Lisa, Do you have a good, sustainable resource for dried flowers/herbs? My big girl has very sesitive skin and this would be wonderful for her bath. My garden is fairly small, and my gardening skills even smaller. Thanks for any help. Geogine