pinecone, orange, and spice turkey- diy

Create a lovely smelling and natural turkey for your turkey décor or dinner table this year.

orange turkey 5

Supplies needed: Pinecone, cloves, rosehips, dried oranges, knife, glue

orange turkey

To make the turkey: 1. Cut the clove head from the stem carefully with a knife. 2. Gently pull and twist a pinecone scale from a pinecone. 3. Cut orange rind from the orange to make a beak. 4. Glue the scale onto the dried orange (a glue gun worked the best for this). 5. Glue the beak, rosehip waddle, and clove eyes to make the turkey head.

orange turkey 2

orange turkey 11

What to do with the turkeys? Add twine to make name tags for the dinner table, hang in a window to get the stained glass effect, or string together to make a garland.

orange turkey 4

orange turkey 3

“That’s all,”
gobble, gobble,