leaf stars- craft from Autumn leaves

Fauna and I spent the afternoon making leaf stars from the giant Sycamore leaves that are scattered all over our backyard. They were so easy to do and have all kinds of décor possibilities.
:: When the leaf is still fresh and just fallen from the tree, trace a star cutter and cut. I used a fine tip Sharpie marker, which gently tore the leaf around the cutter so I simply just had to cut on the perforated lines. You can use them fresh for crafts right away but giving them a little 24 hour press in a book or flower press will make them more pliable for use.

5 leaf starsleaf star garland3 leaf stars4 leaf stars2 leaf star1 leaf star

:: String the stars with acorn caps to make a window garland.
:: Add glitter to add some sparkle.
:: Use Mod Podge to make a star leaf lantern.
:: Use tape and sprinkle stars across your window.

“That’s all,”

3 responses to “leaf stars- craft from Autumn leaves”

  1. phyllis

    Love this! I am going to do this with my craft coop kids! Thank you for all of the great ideas!

  2. Carol

    Totally love this idea and I can’t wait to try it. our leaves are getting old, snowing today . . . So I need to go grab some before they are all dry and brown. Thanks for the creative idea and suggestions.

  3. Jessica

    Pretty, Lisa! Have a good weekend!