Nature’s lava lamp or sensory bottle- slow floating

There are all kinds of tutorials out there on how to make a sensory bottle using vegetable oil, those are OK and they do their job, however, my girls and I prefer to use another ingredient, a thicker ingredient that really slows the rise of the objects in the bottle.

acorn lava 2

Karo Corn Syrup! If you buy the 16oz bottle all you have to do is add acorns and you’re done; it even balances upside down really well.

nature lava lamp 2

We skipped the bling and glitter and stuck with nature’s natural beauty for these.

nature lava lampcone lava

My youngest finds them “very entrancing,” her and I could watch them all day! I keep one by my sewing machine and find myself turning it while sewing.

 “That’s all,”

One response to “Nature’s lava lamp or sensory bottle- slow floating”

  1. Mona

    Like these much much better, than all the lave lamps I’ve ever seen!! I’m afraid we can’t get corn syrup over here, though … well, must have a look, maybe in the american supermarked in Copenhagen :)