glow in the dark stuffed ghosts

These little stuffed ghosties have a secret- they glow in the dark! (I tried to get a picture of them glowing in the dark, but that was a big fail).

tutorial 7

To make these little guys you need: white felt; felting foam; felting needle; glow in the dark spider webbing; white, pink, and black embroidery floss; 2 black buttons; hand needle; scissors; GHOST glow in the dark pattern; stuffing

tutorial needs

1. Cut the pattern 2x on the white felt. 2. Needle felt the webbing onto the felt. 3. Stitch the buttons and little pink mouth.

tutorial 10

tutorial 3

4. Backstitch the front and back of the ghost together. 5. Leave a space, stuff, then stitch closed.

tutorial 4

tutorial 5

This is how the back of the ghost should look.

tutorial 6

You can leave the little ghostie as is or sew on a loop to make a little ornament, make 6 or 7 more to make a glow in the dark ghost wreath, or string them together and hang.

tutorial 11

tutorial 9

tutorial 8

“That’s all,”

ps. If anyone can give me detailed instructions on how to use my Rebel 35mm camera to take a good glow in the dark picture, I’ll send you a ghost!

6 responses to “glow in the dark stuffed ghosts”

  1. georgine

    Jessica, I am thinking about you and your kitten!

    Lisa, is the felt you are using all wool? I haven’t seen a really white all wool felt. Does the craft felt work for this? I cannot wait to do this with my girls. So, so cute and different.

  2. Sian

    Oh wow! must make some of these : )

  3. Jessica

    I really *needed* to see these sweet little glow-in-the-dark ghosties today. The little kitten we rescued yesterday is dying. I’ve been crying all morning. So, to take a little break from my sadness and see these adorable ghosties has put the smile back on my face.

    Love to you, Lisa!

    Jessica xoxo