elderflower tea

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To make this tea be 100% sure that you’re picking from and Elderflower plant! I provided the last two pictures for ID purposes; you see Elderflower along fence rows along the sides of country roads this time of year, it also has a very lovely floral fragrance.

:: On to the tea, pick 2-3 heads of blooming flowers, just opened flowers are the best.
:: Check for bugs and remove as much of the green stems as you can. Use only the flowers because the leaves, seeds, and bark of the plant contain a toxic chemical related to cyanide.
:: Bring water to a boil, turn off, wait a minute or 2, then pour over flowers.
:: Let steep for 10 minutes.
:: Strain and add preferred sweetener if you’d like. Peppermint leaves are really good with Elderflower too.
:: Drink and enjoy. To read the health benefits of Elderflower follow this link here.

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4 responses to “elderflower tea”

  1. Jessica

    I agree…the photos are so lovely. But, I’m amused by all of the warnings — I’m scared to DEATH to pick anything and attempt to ingest it because I don’t trust myself.

    So basically, what I’m saying is…I’m wary of brewing hemlock tea. 😉

  2. Robin

    what a beautiful post!