dandelion chick craft

What says spring more than a yard full of dandelions? And little yellow chicks?

:: For this activity all you need is:
:: craft glue
:: orange felt
:: dandelions (10-20 depending on the size of the flower head)
:: a pinecone from a red pine (they sit really well due to the flat bottoms)
:: clay or anything else like buttons, leaves or black felt for the eyes

 :: Sit the pinecone up and start gluing each flower into the pinecone (that isn’t a dandelion in the picture above, Fauna got this project done so quickly I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, this project would work with other yellow flowers too).
:: Add eyes and beak after gluing the flowers.

:: Remember that dandelions close up at night so the chick will not remain yellow for longer than a day.

“That’s all,”

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  1. juana angela abregú


  2. robin

    What a little cutie!!! Is this why i found dandelions in the diaper bag?