diy faux fur rug

My sister Robin just had a baby girl (LOVE!) and is loving the softness of the faux fur rugs that we have been seeing everywhere. So, I made her one, and as an added bonus I put a piece of 100% cotton flannel on one side to make it reversible and a soft natural place for baby to place her little head.


Supplies: 40″ x 25″ pieces of flannel, faux fur, and cotton interfacing (2 pieces); thread to match; scissors; sewing machine. Directions: 1. Lay out faux fur (fuzzy side down) and sketch your shape to fill the fabric piece. 2. Cut out flannel, faux fur, and both pieces of interfacing. 3. Stack faux fur on the bottom fuzzy side up, flannel right side down (this way fur and flannel will be right sides together), and the 2 layers of interfacing on top. 4. Stitch all along the outside edges leaving a 4 inch space unstitched so you can turn the rug, stitch a second time for reinforcement. 5. Turn so right sides are out, turn in unstitched space, then stitch a finishing edge around the outside edge perimeter.

“That’s all,”

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  1. Robin

    I want to kiss those little feet!!! And great post :)