blessing branch for woodland baby shower

::instead of a wishing tree, why not a blessing branch?

::make feathers out of a paper bag and tea stained paper
::punch a small hole into the paper feather
::string a piece of floss through the hole and glue in the feathers

 ::write a blessing for baby, then place it on the branch

:: display the blessing branch on the nursery wall; Robin feels this is so much easier to display than a tree would have been.

“that’s all,”

3 responses to “blessing branch for woodland baby shower”

  1. Mona

    This is so beautiful, and such a clever idea. I’ve been looking for a rite for my teenage daughter for marking her budding adulthood. This very well might be the rigth thing to do. Thanks!

  2. Christie

    That’s Beautiful!

  3. Robin

    I love this blessing branch!!! It was so much fun to see what everyone wrote and is such a special addition to her nursery!!! And keep away from kitties!!!