diy stocking and lump of coal patterns

Are there any naughties on your list this year that are deserving of a lump of coal or 2? Well, this happy stocking and lump of coal aren’t exactly the type for the naughty people in your life. The stocking and coal are quick and easy for the beginner or advanced sewer.


To make the stocking and coal you will need:
-red, white, and black felt (black fleece works well for the lump of coal or you can use black felt)
-red, white, and black thread
-pink embroidery floss
-pinking shears
-decorative ric rac or pom pom trimmings
-needle, scissors, and sewing machine (this can be handsewn too)
-template- Lump of coal and stocking patterns


::Trace the patterns and cut out the pieces, I used the pinking shears to cut out the stocking and tab to create a pretty decorative edge.


::Sew the black pupils to the eyes for both the stocking and the coal.  Sew around the whites of the eyes to attach to the coal and stocking. Make a couple of backstitches to make little smiles on the stocking and coal.


::With right sides together, sew around the lump of coal, turn it, then stuff the coal with filling and handstitch the hole closed. Sew decorative trim across the top of the front of the stocking, then fold and sew the tab to the inside of the back piece of the stocking.


::Pin front and back pieces of the stocking together, starting at the top where the tab is, sew closely around the edge of the stocking. Now you are done and ready to hang for the naughties in you life!


This diy is for commercial use only.  If you want to blog about this tutorial please feel free but please include credit and a link back to my site, do not copy and paste the entire diy on your site though. Thank you!

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  1. Jaynie

    great pattern and so well done!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MrsYub

    Haha! That is awesome! Thankyou so much for sharing 😀

  3. Robin

    Love this!!!