19 responses to “sewing inspired by art”

  1. Roopa

    These are super cute!! And such a talented girl she is… kudos!!!

  2. Lori

    I was just bragging about Araina today. This bird to be exact. I was happily suprised to see it on the Crafty Crow today. She inspires me.

  3. Alicia

    It’s Peep! (Check out Peep and the Big Wide World. A good show)

    Her stitches are better then mine were up until just a few years ago.

  4. Elizabeth

    How wonderfully talented, imaginative, and skilled your little one is!

  5. freaked out 'n small

    That is the happiest little bird!!!

  6. Sherry @ Living and Learning

    How on earth did I miss this post!?

    I love, love, LOVE it!!! That painting sings to me and the little sweater birdie is so cute. Fantastic job, Araina! :)

  7. Heather

    That painting is so sweet, I would most definitely hang it up in my house!
    Very impressive artwork and sewing work for a 7 year old :)

  8. Darcel @ The Mahogany Way

    Wow, she has skills for being 7years old! Very cute. I like a lot.

  9. jaynie

    Great job, Her stitches are better than mine! Perfect , hard to believe such little fingers could make such perfect stitches. Her painting is really great. Such a talented little one.

  10. Melissa

    So perfect for spring! We painted today too! I need to take more time for that, my girls were so happy taking “a break.” Seeing her painiting and little chick made my day!

  11. Kimberly Hosey (Arizona Writer)

    Wow; really good indeed. I love that bird. And I don’t think my own stitches would be any better.

    She’s talented!

  12. Becca

    Wow! She did a great job. And you too of course!

  13. Kelly Heathen

    Tee Hee! I feel privileged that I got see that little birdy being made 😉

  14. MaryLea

    Like mother, like daughter!!
    Way to go Ariana — wish we lived closer so we could just form a little home-schooling arts and crafts commune with our four girls! ; )

    xoxo ML

  15. jen

    oh my! i love this! such a talented little lady!

  16. Phyllis

    Yes, she certainly takes after you in the talent department.

  17. renee @ FIMBY

    Such great stitches to be expected with such a great seamstress/crafter for a mother!

  18. Debbie

    Oh I really love the painting. And of course the stuffies are super cute too.