valentine owl tutorial

Owl lovers like myself know the need for a valentine owl! Araina (7yo)¬†made the green owl below, I made the pink one (I like hers better). ūüėČ

you need:

gold felt
black felt
2 different colors of brown felt (or contrasting colors of choice)
pink felted sweater (or color of choice)
hot pink felted sweater (or color of choice)
gold, pink, black, and brown cotton emb. floss (to match choice colors)
sewing needle
wool or polyfill stuffing (or fabric scraps, paper, tissues)
sewing machine (optional)

*To felt sweaters, use 100% wool sweaters, place in a HOT washer, add 2 tablespoons soap, and wash. Then dry in a hot dryer.

to make:

1. Cut out pieces and parts from felt and/or thrifted sweaters. I used thrifted sweaters for the light pink body, heart, and oval shaped bottom (not pictured); and felt for the eyes, wings, and beak.

2. With right side pieces of owl body facing each other, stitch around the shape of the owl with a machine or hand sew; leave the bottom open. Turn right side out.
3. Stitch the eyes to the heart face mask. For all stitching details visit this post.

4. Stitch the face mask to the body.

5. Stitch on the beak.

6. Stitch the wings together making sure to stitch all 4 (or 3).

6. Stitch both sets of wings to the owl body.

7.  Stitch optional heart onto the owl.

8. Sew bottom onto owl, leaving a space to stuff.
9. Stuff and stitch closed.

 10. Place little valentine owl in a happy place.

Happy sewing!

“That’s all,”

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17 responses to “valentine owl tutorial”

  1. Amanda

    Incredibly adorable! “Who” doesn’t love owls?!

  2. Becca

    ooooh, I love both of them! I may just have to make some.

    I’m back in blogger land after an extended trip away. Yours was the first blog I had to come check! I’ve missed your lovely ideas.


  3. Amy

    So cute! I have a friend who loves owls and her birthday is on Valentines day. This is going to be the perfect gift!

  4. Kimara

    Sweet as always! I’ll be linking on Facebook.

  5. Rachel

    That is DARLING! I love sewing projects that you can do with kids! Thanks so much for the how-to, I’ll be linking.

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  7. Lacey

    so sweet! maybe something to work on with the kiddos.

  8. Gretchen

    I am making these for my three boys (son adn husband) at home for Valentine’s day! LOVE them! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas!

  9. penny

    They are both so cute, thanks for the tutorial.

  10. Valarie

    These are so so cute. I understand the need of an owl. They’re so lovely. Have fun making more.

  11. onepinkfish

    Whimsical owls are my favorite. Thanks for such a easy tutorial. I always thought it would be WAY too complicated, but you make it appear doing by even teh novice like myself.

  12. Robin

    soooooo cute! I love rainys little green hoot!

  13. Mona

    Oh, they’re so adorable! I think I’d make them without the bottom, for finger play or storytelling,

  14. Kymberley

    This tutorial looks so easy and super cute. It is on my ‘to do’ craft list!

  15. se7en

    So very cute!!! I love them!!!

  16. Josie

    Oh how I do love owls. A weakness almost from birth.
    These are fantastic although I think my patient husband might have been thinking more along the lines of some saucy undies for
    He must know me better by now!

  17. Anna

    Oh my. So so so cute! We actually had a real owl perched on the kids’ swing set one night this week. He was huge.