11 responses to “life right now”

  1. Heidi

    Your booth looks adorable!

  2. Rebecca

    Wow you have been bsy! Look at all those cute little creatures you have under your wing, not for long by the sounds of it! Glad things are going well for you but hope to see you blogging more soon :)

  3. huana

    We all have our little things that keeping us away from blogging,so we’ll wait right here for you!Meet you when you find the time.

  4. Teena(funkymommy)

    Good for you! You deserve all the good things that are coming your way!!!

  5. kyndale

    What a lovely bunch of litter critters you’ve created! I understand about life taking you on different paths. It’s exciting!

  6. Valarie

    Oh how fun. I just love seeing all of those softies together. We are outside always and good luck with all of your crafting endeavors.

  7. Jennifer

    Nice job, look at all those goodies!! I know all about not enough hours in a day, believe me. You are so creative, way to go :-)

    Jen and family

  8. Stephinie

    I really love the vintage charm on the table! It’s the perfect backdrop for your little critters. I think you are in for a BUSY couple of weeks heading into the holidays! Enjoy them!

  9. Wabi-Sabi Wanderings

    That owl is fabulous! Yes, this lead-up to the holidays is a ridiculously busy time, isn’t it? Well, when you plan on making most everything, that is! And that is a big part of the magic of it all. Good luck with all of your projects :-)

  10. Anna

    So excited for you. All of your crafting, and sales and book work. It is all wonderful. And please don’t worry, we’ll wait for you to come back to this space when things settle down a bit for you.

  11. Mom and Kiddo

    How wonderful that your crafting efforts are going so well. Everything is so cute! And we all have things that pull us away from blogging. Good luck with everything!