22 responses to “nibble, nibble, little mouse- outdoor mondays”

  1. Tricia

    I love the rose petal tongue :-)

    Thanks for including my pic. xx

  2. kellyi

    Add me please!


    I love the rose petal eating. We will try when our rose finally blooms – only three more months until that happens!!!

  3. Cara

    Can’t wait to check out the Flickr group…great idea! Love the pictures of your little ladies. :-)


  4. Outdoor Challenge Mondays {Exploring the Shore} «

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  5. Crysta @ Semi-Crunchy Mama

    Love your girls’ adventurous spirits, and willingness to try wild foods! I don’t know if I would have as a child…but then again, I was never exposed to anything like that!
    I’ve been interested in foraging, but a bit intimidated and afraid I’d inadvertently pick something that’s not edible!
    I’m participating this week…but I was late and didn’t get my post up until this morning. http://semicrunchymama.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/ocm-exploring-the-shore/

  6. Valarie

    I love wild carrots and queen anne’s lace. It’s funny how you can forget things until someone reminds you. This is such a great post. I love the outdoor challenge. It has me making sure that we are out everyday. We love the outdoors anyway but it changes when you bring to a place of attention. take care.

  7. Phyllis
  8. Darcel @ The Mahogany Way

    Awesome pictures! Love the shrimp picture.

  9. Patricia

    I love the information about the wild carrots!
    Maybe I can find some here.
    Araina, it’s a natural pose 😉

  10. Nicole (Frontier Dreams)

    Rose petal tongue – hee hee!!
    Yay for the flickr group!!
    Here’s our Monday post: http://frontierdreams.blogspot.com/2010/05/market-time.html

  11. Becky

    Nice post. We had a great time last week tasting Sweet Cicely and Lamb’s Ear for the first time. Never knew that the latter tasted like bubblegum (well, furry bubblegum).

  12. Adriana

    I just found your blog and it is wonderful! Your photography is beautiful!

  13. Jessica

    I love Queen Anne’s Lace.

    We, unfortunately, have some sort of impostor in our yard. I have a photo of it on my post from yesterday–the weeds in the tinted water. Can you identify it?

    We used to dye Queen Anne’s Lace at my grandma’s house, so I do it with my imposter weed. I figure despite being a weed, it’s still pretty. :)

  14. AG Ambroult

    I know nothing of “wild carrots!” Fascinating.
    off to learn more about it…

  15. Debbie

    We went for a big huge walk today – all around the neighbourhood…but I didn’t bring my camera. Darn it! In all honesty, I totally forgot about the challenge today. Oops! Next week.

    Those are two of the cutes girls ever.

  16. lilmuselily

    I love Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s also one of my husband’s favorite. We don’t get it here in Miami but we get to see it when we visit family in West Virginia.

    Happy Monday!



  17. angelina

    tricia i love the shrimp photo! xx

  18. Becca

    Love their cute poses! I was going to email you and see if you had any Etsy advice for me. Can’t wait to show you what I’m working on, it’s been fun.


  19. Sharon

    Great post! I wonder if my boys would be adventurous enough to try the Queen Anne’s Lace root? Hmmm… I got a post up today for the Outdoor Challenge, so you can add my blog to the list! :) (it’s Musings of a Catholic Mom.) Have a great week!!

  20. TulsiLeaf

    I always wonder what kind of garden you have. Are there pictures of the whole thing? You must have a tremendous green thumb. Mine is sort of yellow.

    I would love to plant loads of flowers and veggies and shrubs and everything, but pocketbook and allergies sometimes over run that idea. It looks amazing though. Goes Fauna eat the rose petals?

    1. TulsiLeaf

      I just hit submit and then thought of this.

      We have these AMAZINg jacaranda trees around here. They bloom this amazing purple colour and when the petals fall from the tree they cover driveways and lawns and streets like purple snow. I am so jealous we do not one of our own and I am forever searching out the big beautiful trees in the neighborhoods. Maybe after I take my daughter to school I will take a picture of the huge big beautiful one right across the street from her school. It’s amazing.

  21. My Year in Haiku

    Love your post today. We played with rose petals today too and scattered them all over a friends sidewalk – so pretty and pink-

    Just got my Outdoor Challenge post up for today.