26 responses to “flower cocoons and outdoor monday”

  1. amy

    I just found your blog and would love to be included in the outdoor Monday challenge. I will post today! I will keep looking at your lovely blog too. We are dealing with quite a bit of rain here still but get out between storms. :)

  2. AG Ambroult

    Denali is beautiful! You ladies should work on that new Iris species, maybe there’s big money in that 😉
    The girls are too cute, I wonder if they like thinning out seedlings as much as mine do?

  3. Juliana Crespo

    Beautiful! I’m getting more and more excited thinking about all the projects Luna and I will be doing when she gets a little older :).

  4. Josie

    I’d love to take up the challenge if im not too late?

  5. Satakieli

    I’m late, but have an outdoor post!


  6. 6512 and growing

    Just an FYI: glue can be made from boiling animal hide/hooves. My husband makes “hide glue” from elk and deer hides. It’s supremely stinky but very adhesive!

  7. Cori

    Yay! Another challenge! =) I was just thinking we got out even more when we had a challenge to do. Please sign us up. wonderinthewoods.worpdress.com

  8. Annie

    mmm…. What a tasty craft project!

  9. Valarie

    What a great post. I love honey too. This week has been so incredibly busy with a graduation happening for my daughter. We will be here Monday complete with outdoor photo. Enjoy !

  10. Cara

    I had to click over and look at the bee’s nest…how cool is that?! Can’t wait to try this activity, too, when my boy is a wee bit older. 😉


  11. kelly

    The cocoon making looks like tremendous fun and the results look good enough to eat. My boys would eat them, I know! One of them sticks his whole hand in the honey jar so he would love this!

    Here’s our outdoor play

  12. Lisa C

    I read that article about the bees–fascinating!

  13. Nicole (Frontier Dreams)

    Ok, you know I love the husky picture 😉 I agree you are brave! It all looks so beautiful, though.
    Here’s our Monday post (husky included – hee,hee): http://frontierdreams.blogspot.com/2010/05/for-love-of-oregon.html

  14. Jessica

    I just posted about our recent discoveries: http://foursquareschoolhouse.blogspot.com/2010/05/outdoor-monday-ladybugs-such.html

    Honey in your hair–UGH!

  15. lilmuselily

    The first picture is just beautiful!!!!



  16. Anna

    I saw the article on the bees earlier this past week and thought of you. How cool that you made it into an activity for the girls.

  17. childhood magic

    love the colors and beautiful photos!

  18. My Year in Haiku

    Very cute! And what an interesting bee.
    Thanks for hosting the Monday outdoor challenge.
    I did an outdoor post and linked back here to your blog today.


  19. Luisa

    Fun activity! Love the brigt colors.

  20. Catherine

    What fun you had!
    We’re sick with the fever, sore throat, headache yuckiness today, so no outside time even though they begged to go out. Maybe tomorrow!
    Catherine :)

  21. Joy

    You are a brave mama! What a cool activity though. :)

  22. Jennifer

    I caught this about the bees the other day – really interesting species! I love, love, LOVE that you and the girls turned it into a science experiment. Such inspiration to come from nature!

  23. Robin

    I don’t know if it is because i know the little ladies so well, but I found this to be your funniest and cutest post yet! I was laughing and hitting Erik shoulder (Poor Erik was trying to watch 24…he we unsuccessful during this time :) Of course Araina would create a new flower! So, funny!!!!