33 responses to “violet syrup, violet cooler, and violet lemonade”

  1. jojoebi

    great post!
    I will be linking. If you don’t want to be featured please let me know.
    The Montessori Goldmine

  2. Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama

    OH MY WORD! I must make these! A friend just shared a recipe for violet jam that I’m planning to try this weekend…now I’m hoping there’s enough violets for me to make some syrup, too! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Sally

    I just discovered that violet jelly exists, and was so driven to make it that I put out an email on several of my local groups (even freecycle, he he) and found a yard with violets that hadn’t been sprayed and picked several quarts of flowers. :) I kinda wish I had known about the syrup, so I could make coolers and lemonade! Thanks for the beautiful pics and descriptions. :)

  4. AG Ambroult

    that looks so very refreshing! Do all these violets grow wildly near you? We don’t have wild violets near us at all and now I am extremely jealous. Thanks for the recipes, my girls will love this (as they do with all the ideas we get from your blog!)

  5. Amanda

    I covet the yards of wild violet! I wish, I want, I desire to have this be growing in my yard, town, state. This is getting out of hand! Lovely projects that look sooo delicious too!

  6. Sarah @ Mum In Bloom

    Have I told you lately how great you are? We’ve been playing outside everyday in April thanks to you and today I’m making Orange Basil Cookies with Vanilla Frosting (which I’m posting tomorrow). I love how you inspire me to try unusual flavour combinations :)

  7. Stacy of KSW

    I’m so wishing I knew where to find some violets! On my MUST PLANT list for sure next spring

  8. Laurie N

    Lovely! Planning on putting my dandelions to work this week. Alas, I have very few violets.

  9. Teresa

    Mmmmm! Violet lemonade sounds so yummy!

  10. themsrevolution

    mmmm those violet drinks look divine. i’m so glad i’ve found your site. thanks for a wonderful april spent in large part outside! we’ll try to join you on mondays in the future.

  11. Heather

    This looks so yummy Lisa! We don’t have any violets up yet, but as soon as they do, this is first on my list. Hope your little ones are feeling better, and that you all enjoyed a great weekend

  12. Jessica

    That violet jelly is the ABSOLUTE most beautiful jelly I have ever seen–seriously, it’s gorgeous! :o)

  13. Luisa

    I think my comment disappeared. So here I go again:)
    Glad to hear that Araina is doing better! The violet syrup looks pretty for sping and summer I may even give it a try myself.
    I have really enjoyed the outdoor challenge and was sad to see that it was coming to an end. I’m glad you’re thinking of extending it. So far on the blogs I’ve seen wip (works in progress) Wednesday and Fridays are quiet moments. Out door Monday’s sounds like a good challenge. I’m in for sure.

  14. Luisa

    Glad to hear Araina is doing better! The violet looks soo pretty for spring and summer I may be willing to give it a try myself.
    I have enjoyed the outdoor challenge and a little sad that it would be ending so quickly. I haven’t had as many pictures because I forget my camera sometimes but I’m glad you’re thinking of extending the challenge. Once a week seems like a great idea. So far on the blogs I have seen wip(works in progress) on Wednesdays and quiet moments on Friday. Monday could be outdoor day? Lots of inspiration to go around:)

  15. Simple Mama

    What a fantastic idea! I had NO idea it would turn colors. I’m going to plant violets next year just so we can do this.

  16. Transit Antenna

    I wish I had violets in my backyard. Beautiful.

  17. crookedmoonmama

    Beautiful! We’ve been having fun with wild edibles lately…no violets around here though. Maybe we’ll plant our own. We made a lavender cream that would be great with the violets instead!

  18. Barbara

    Oh, the color of that syrup is just gorgeous. My girls would LOVE doing this. Unfortunately, violets are done for the season here, but I am definitely bookmarking this for next year.

  19. becky

    So beautiful! We don’t have enough violets to try it, but I’ll save it in mind in case we get more.

  20. Alex

    Beautiful! I so wish that violets grew here. Maybe if we make it back up to Ohio in the next little bit here…

  21. Kristin

    If that tastes even half as good as it looks, it must be delicious! Gorgeous photos.

  22. Tammie

    This sounds and looks gorgeous. thank you so much for sharing your recipes. We still have no wildflowers…. they will be here soon, and violets will be among them.
    Wonderful to visit you blog this evening! I hope all is well with you and your family.

  23. Lisa Crowe

    glad she’s feeling better!!! can’t wait to try the lemonade! your flower recipes are the best!

  24. rae

    ooh! thanks for sharing all those great recipes!

  25. Shady Lady

    I truly had no idea that violets were so useful!

  26. Mountain

    I have been lurking after following a link at soule mama. They left me at work, foolishly, with nothing to do and access to the internet. I spent a good chunk of the day reading your lovely blog. Thanks for posting, and I put a link up at my place! I hope that’s ok!

  27. Jennifer

    I have to try these refreshing recipes. Here are some pics from a recent vacation we took:


    Pics of the week for us.


  28. angelina

    i love the syrup & lemonade: mmm. i am dyeing wool with plants, any tips on getting green or blue ?

  29. Earth Mama

    So so cool! I love the wealth of knowledge you share about the wild plants we can use!! Thanks so much Lisa!


  30. Mrs Addams

    That drink looks so refreshing! I wish I could pick it up and have a sip! I have been making a little drink cooler, nothing so fancy as this, with lemon, sugar, mint leaves, and ice. Throw it all in the blender and YUM!! Lemony with the after flavor of mint. Dot loves it.

    We will continue to participate in the challenge! It will get more challenging as the summer progresses and the heat gets unbearable here in Florida but that is why it is a challenge!

  31. Sybille

    I just enjoy your photos so much! Wish you a beautiful May beginning.

  32. roxie

    I love violets ! they are much more popular in Europe for finding items made from violets .
    we only have very few violets here think our zone is to cold . I dry them and candy them for cakes and tea .
    My mil said in France they make wine from them too. My fav gum from MX is violet gum .
    I wish I could make the jelly ! maybe if it is a good yr we could have enough for lemonade .

  33. Loni

    oh, yum, yum, yummy! I am just learning about edible flowers… Thank so much for posting this! Now, I’ve got to figure out where to get violets 😀 May I link to your post?