42 responses to “magnolia oil and cherry blossoms- outdoor challenge”

  1. Valarie

    Such lovely photos and I love this recipe. I have a huge magnolia in my yard and now I can make some lovely gifts from the blossoms. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Jenni

    Yay for Charlie and Judah! :) We were so excited to see this–Charlie said, “Mom, that girl looks just like me!”
    Thanks for the magnolia oil recipe, too. Can’t wait to try this!

  3. Lisa C

    Oh, I love the pictures in this post, especially the one the the “snow.” And I wish we had a magnolia tree, it’s one of my favorites.

  4. becky

    I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying this challenge – though we’ve often spent a fair amount of time outdoors, I am being more intentional with it and I am seeing such absolute joy in my little grandson. Of course, I’m having a great time, too! Here’s today’s adventure: http://geminiriver.blogspot.com/2010/04/great-outdoor-challenge-april-14-2010.html

  5. branflakes

    you have the best ideas! I wouldn’t have thought to make that oil.

    here’s our day outside. http://adventuresofaflake.blogspot.com/2010/04/stepping-stones-farm.html

  6. Jenny
  7. Amber

    Thanks so much for this challenge! Just read about it on a cousin’s blog. I know we are jumping in a little late, but I’m so looking forward to doing it!
    Today we just took a walk and then played in the grass in our backyard. So much fun!


  8. Barbara

    Nothing quite so beautiful going on here in Minnesota, yet! Thanks for the bath oil recipe. My 12 year old son probably wouldn’t want to do this, but I sure will! He did find the first caterpillar of the year yesterday!


  9. Kellyi

    We’ve been painting outdoors today. We’re going to make your infused oil tomorrow but with different blossoms.

    I’ll let you know how they turn out!


  10. Kellyi

    We’ve been painting outdoors today. We’re going to make your infused oil tomorrow but with different blossoms.

    I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  11. TulsiLeaf

    mmmm, magnolias!

    We used to have a gorgeous Gardenia tree but the weird Floridian cold we had this year killed it. I tried to bring it back, but there was no having it. It is gone. I am so sad, it smelt amazing. Our grapefruit tree is now blooming, so at least we have that to smell.

    Great pics.

  12. Indigomumma

    Thanks for the recipe. Such a wonderful idea. I wonder, can one use the mini ‘port wine magnolia’ blossoms as well? I passed on the ‘beautiful blogger’ award to you. Thanks for the beauty of your blog! :) xxx http://www.wherewildstrawberriesgrow.com/uncategorized/beautiful-blogs/

  13. Rana

    We used to have a magnolia tree at our old house I loved that tree it was beautiful. I’m going to have to snag some blossoms from our neighbors yard and try this. It looks like fun.

  14. Nicole

    That looks like so much fun! I can’t wait for the trees to start blooming here.

    We had fun outside this week, too! http://musicalmama08.blogspot.com/2010/04/outdoor-challenge-week-1.html

  15. Dawn Suzette

    Oh, that oil looks so goooood!
    Love all the flowers! We just saw some magnolia flower today at our public gardens! Beautiful!

    Thanks for the challenge!

  16. Amanda

    Oh Man I want a magnolia tree!!! I just called my friend the other day to let her know that she could taste her magnolia petals if she wanted to… now I think I’ll let her know she can make bath oil… I’ll live vicariously through those who can…

  17. Sybille

    Yes, the first picture just looks like real snow!

  18. faerwillow

    ~magical are those moments you captured and heavenly i can only imagine is the magnolia bath oil…aaahhh! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  19. Dawn

    Cute pictures of your girls in the trees! I love cherry blossoms. Thanks for the recipe for Magnolia bath oil. I want to try it!

  20. Teresa

    mmmm! Magnolia – that’s something we definitely don’t smell up here and I miss it – it was so common in SC…

  21. Jennifer

    Gorgeous images! Thanks for the magnolia recipe. I’ve always been disappointed when the cut blooms brown within a day’s time. Now I can keep that fragrance in my house always!

  22. Heather

    Lisa, this is incredible!!!!!! Thank you so much for the recipe for the magnolia oil. I so miss watching the cherry blossoms come to life, so thank you for the gorgeous reminder
    Here is our great outdoors challenge post (at the bottom) for today. LOVING this challenge

  23. Tammy

    We’ve been enjoying the trees that are in bloom in our area too!

  24. Lisa

    The raining cherry blossoms are so pretty!

  25. Lizzie

    We are playing today. We were sooooo proud to be photo of the day yesterday :) Beautiful blossoming trees, I think we might go on a quest to find some ourselves today.XX

  26. Our School Time Adventures

    Can I just say, that I am super jealous. I wish we had magnolias conveniently growing in our backyard to make a wonderful bath oil with. The daffodils haven’t even come up yet…

  27. Shady Lady

    I love falling cherry blossoms!!

  28. Rosina

    It is so much fun to run under the blossoms. You had asked if our fluttered down like snow the other day when the kids were running through the plum trees and it does. It’s incredibly beautiful :) Can’t wait to try your magnolia bath oil recipe!! How neat. My sister has a magnolia tree and we’re going to have to get some petals from her. We’re having so much fun participating in the challenge :)

  29. Michelle

    I love your ideas! Thank you for the infusion recipe :)

    We had a class at a nature center today – but we didn’t go outside. Hmmm. We did a little planting outside at home today though… http://urbancottagehomeschool.blogspot.com/2010/04/great-outdoor-challenge-tuesday.html

  30. Becca

    Your girls are just so pretty! The oil sounds lovely!

    We had more fun in our backyard today. http://chocoeyes.blogspot.com/2010/04/singing-his-heart-out-great-outdoor.html


  31. karen

    oh my! I have done a horrible failing job on this challenge, but I have very much enjoyed what you guys have done. Life has just interfered! oy.

    Hope you have a great week! Karen

  32. debbie

    this looks wonderful!! today was about the dandelions for us…

    sigh. aren’t you so enjoying spring????

  33. Robin

    I remember a time when you ran around the university saying the same thing 😉

    I love the picture of araina running in the petals and the picture of fauna smelling the magnola (reminds me of the flower you put on her head when she was a little one)

  34. angelina

    very nice: can almost smell the scents of home….

  35. melissa

    Wish I’d known about the Magnolia oil a few months ago! We have a Japanese Magnolia right outside of our front window. Only down here in Florida, it bloomed in February and now the tree is full of gorgeous green leaves (and chickadees!).

  36. Joy

    Love the snowing cherry blossoms! Awww…look at Charlie and Judah! Their mom is my bff from childhood, and I’m happy to see their cute little faces here. :) We decided to step outside the yard finally and see some new things. http://www.anartfamily.com/2010/04/evening-with-spring-wip-wed.html

  37. Dianne

    I never realized infusing oil is so easy… Thanks for the instructions!

  38. Jenny

    I forgot to post links the first 2 days! Arg! Here is the link to our 3rd day of the challenge!


  39. Debbie

    Well you KNOW I’ll be making this. Our (neighbours) magnolia is in full bloom and since it hangs over our fence, we’ll be sure to gather up the petals once they start dropping. Great idea. (And you have my permission for any of the days.) -Debbie

  40. Michelle

    My little boy saw the first picture and said “look at the cute little girl in the snow”! Such beautiful photos.

    Today is our first day participating in the challenge – we planted seeds:


  41. Lise

    Thanks for this great idea; what a good gift that would be! Hmmm…wonder which neighboring magnolia tree we might be able to get some petals from?