32 responses to “fox ears listening activity- outdoor challenge”

  1. Stephinie ~ Gypsy Mama

    wow, that is an awful lot of jam :) we’re hoping for round two of strawberry jam this weekend at our place. yum!

  2. Katherine

    Awesome! I’m planning on doing some violet and dandelion jellymaking myself this weekend.
    What a pretty kitty you have. :) So very comfy.

  3. Our School Time Adventures

    We have been playing but I haven’t been able to actually remember to take my camera and post pics. So today we played in the “April Showers”.

    I’m not sure how to put our name up as one of the participating people.
    If you post our name as “AdventureKerrs” that would be great.

    This is our post with pics from today.

    Thanks for making this happen! I’m sure this has really kept you busy, but I know that I am sure appreciative to see other like minded people playing outside.

    -Vanessa Kerr

  4. lorena

    i have to say i am captivated by the pictures and recipes you have of all the edible tree blossoms and flowers and plants! i wish i could follow you around for a week so you can teach me what to taste! your girls are quite lucky to have such wisdom!

  5. Jen

    Here is the link to our first two days. I’m not sure if it matters which days is posted where but I guess just getting it out there is good.

    That jelly sounds amazing. I’ll check out that link.


  6. Sarah
  7. Julia

    Oh I love your photos, and am in awe of all you do :)

    I’ve put up our Outdoor challenge day 2…


  8. MamaBird

    WOW! 75 jars is quite impressive. Love this post, full of this and that. :-)

  9. Becky

    A bit of ant study in front of the house –

  10. BethS

    That jelly sounds (and looks delicious).

    Here’s our days 3 and 4 http://mamaandmore.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/get-outdoors-challenge-days-3-and-4/

  11. Sarah

    Hey Lisa, here’s our entry from the other day. I’ll link to yesterday’s when I get it up.

  12. Teresa

    Wow – that jelly looks amazing!

  13. Shady Lady

    You know I have trouble hearing all the time. Do you think it would look weird if I walked around with my hands around my ears and my mouth open all the time? People would just get used to it, right? 😉

  14. Deb

    This is so much fun! We are inspired!
    It was a ‘challenge’ but we made it outdoors!

  15. Amanda

    wow, your jelly is super cool! I want to make mint, I just need to wait for it to grow back a bit first. (I hacked it back to deal with aphids.) Thank you for sharing!

  16. dongdong

    That is so funny about Rainy and her face and the part about little brothers. You can use my picture any time if you like.

    Those jelly looks great! I wish I can make them.. just don’t have the materials. oh, well.

  17. child in harmony

    Great pics! I’m going to make some jelly too!



  18. Andrea


    I’m a little late with pics, but we’ve been getting outside – I promise! I can’t wait to try the fox ears tomorrow!

  19. branflakes

    We have been having so much fun with this, it looks like you all have too! http://adventuresofaflake.blogspot.com/2010/04/outdoor-challenge-bikes.html

  20. debbie

    I love the jars…we might have to try that this year – our yard is fuller than ever of violets. And we’re with you on the redbuds – we’ve been sprinkling them in our salads, on deviled eggs…in our mouths…

    I posted yesterday but forgot to send the link – gardening and a hike!

  21. Rachel

    Just drooooooling over that stack of cloth. Hand dyed!

  22. Robin

    For a second I thought…why does Lisa have a pic of Eddie :)

    Araina is so funny with that expression and Fauna looks lovely in skirt!!!!

  23. Stephanie

    We’re up today!
    I think we’ve been outside every day, but not always with pics!

    I sooooo want to make dandy-lion wine this year! we’ll see….

  24. Lise

    Wow–75 jars! I am impressed!! That’s more than I’ve ever done in a day, I think.

  25. Charley Jones

    Wow, i just tried the fox ear thing sitting here at work and could hear the increased volume of my computer humming – depressing! Havent posted today. Yesterday’s outdoor fun (apart from outdoors at nursery) was stargazing before bed.
    Love the theme coming through your photos of multiples; lots of buckets of dye, lots of jars of jelly…makes for pics that are pleasing on the eye…will have to try that one!

  26. My Year in Haiku

    Love the fox ears idea (and your cute photos).

    I posted today: http://myyearinhaiku.blogspot.com/2010/04/milky-speckled-red-keen-eyes-and-gentle.html

  27. Nicole (Frontier Dreams)

    YAY!!!! Your 2 pups together <3 I have to show my husband tonight. I can't believe we both have a black kitty, too. I know we discussed htis before but it just cracks me up!!

    I love this activity :)

    Here's ours for today:

  28. Melissa

    Love the anecdote about the little brother and the pop! (Maybe because I am a big sis?) Today we made it out twice, in the morning I took a couple pics but in the evening I left the camera at home. Wednesday took a couple tumbles! Poor thing is still sick and now she bruised…and we’re in what? Day 12? can’t imagine how she’ll look in 18 days!

  29. jen

    i am in awe of the dyed cloth and the jellies!!! wow!

  30. Melissa

    Lisa, you always make the most of everyday! What wonderful learning experiences you are giving your girls. You truly are the best!

  31. angelina

    my my you are busy! i love the purple dyed skirt….

  32. childhood magic

    Great post. You ladies truly are amazing!