41 responses to “playing with blossoms- outdoor challenge day 3”

  1. Christianne @ Little Page Turners

    Love it! Thanks for the inspiration! We got ourselves outside and made some Azalea Blossom Fairies!


  2. Lisa C

    I always thought those were ballerinas! Oh, no, wait, those were fuscias.

  3. Melissa

    Your family has the most brilliant imaginations!

  4. andrea gutierrez

    eeeeeek!!! cuteness galore! :)

  5. Robin

    funny…i meant to write the other comment on the other post…I wonder where I get that from :)

    Anyway these are so cute! Did you press any of them?

  6. Robin

    You know I was nibbling on redbud blossoms today and my coworkers were making fun of me! I wonder where I get it from :)

  7. Rana

    I love these! We will have to try this. Our daffodils are just opening and my tulips are about to. I’m so excited that Spring is finally here.

  8. Dawn

    How fun! I can’t wait to show this post to my daughter. I know it will inspire her to make some of her own flower ladies.

  9. Diane

    Very cute and very creative.

  10. Lisa Crowe

    I’m in love with these little dancers!!! Absolutely adorable! We would love to join your outdoor challenge!! The kids are out there right now!!!! I better get off this computer and join them!!

  11. Emmy Lou

    My aunt taught me to make hollyhocks into ladies by sticking a pearl head pin in them… I bet that would work for those lil’ flowers too. I still remember the day my aunt showed me, funny how memories work like that.

  12. AG Ambroult

    those are adorable. Have you seen Elsa’s book?

    I posted my first pic for the outdoor challenge today!

  13. Ötli

    A sweet idea and a nice realization !

  14. TulsiLeaf

    Ooooo, add me! Thanks for the reply in my blog. I LOVE getting new readers and then finding new blogs to read.

    I LOVE the flower ball. Our grapefruit tree is blooming right now and the scent in my backyard is alarming! It hits you like a brick wall when you open the door to go outside in the backyard. The frost we had and the frigid cold we had (well, as cold as you could imagine in Florida. But it got COLD for about 2 months) killed everything. My Gardenia bush died, all my flowers, my palms. My yard looks like a wild fire came through it. So we will have to find some flowers to make a ball with. I just need to load up on allergy meds first.

    Nice to “meet” you!

  15. becky

    These are very sweet. I’ve tried commenting 3 times so far and they’re not loading – I hope you don’t get 4 in a row now. But I’ll manually type my link in and see if that works better. We enjoyed your mapping idea a lot! My post from yesterday: http://www.geminiriver.blogspot.com

  16. renee @ FIMBY

    Leave it to your ladies to come up with a hyacinth ball. I enjoy the blossoms too much in my garden (I don’t have many hyacinth) to let my kids take them apart.

  17. Andrea

    What a fun idea! My daughter would love that.

  18. becky

    Oh, I think I lost my submission.

    These are very sweet. I posted yesterday, also. Used your map idea on Tuesday and it was a great hit. http://geminiriver.blogspot.com/2010/04/children-and-nature-awareness-month.html

  19. becky

    These are very sweet! Our first hyacinth just bloomed – the scent is wonderful.
    I posted today also: http://geminiriver.blogspot.com/2010/04/children-and-nature-awareness-month.html Used your map idea on Tuesday, and it was a hit!

  20. Rosina

    That is such a cute idea! My daughter would just love doing that :) We’ve painted with flowers before but never thought of putting faces on them. Love it!

  21. Joey

    I love this idea! I wish I could get hyacinths to grow here.

  22. atouria

    How lovely! I wish I could have been there. That looks like such a fun and fancy event!

  23. Shady Lady

    What a fancy event! Lovely!

  24. Amanda

    wow. That is so so so pretty!

  25. Marina

    This is soooo sweet and pretty!

  26. dongdong

    J says they are cute and she wants to do it.:)

  27. Joy

    What adorable dancers! I’ll bet your little ladies had a blast with this. :)

  28. Rachel

    too charming! I wish we had hyacinths, but I know the point is just to get out there and play. My littles were enjoying the sand box today. I relished a morning of hanging laundry!

  29. Marilyn

    I love this! I used to do this as a child (I turn 60 next week) and try to get my granddaughter to enjoy nature as much as I did! Thanks for sharing!!!

  30. Debbie

    My oh my! I want to go to that ball. So much fun. xo

  31. childhood magic

    this is just the prettiest thing ever!

  32. Beth

    I think this is a wonderful posting. I love seeing what children can invent with things that they find outdoors. I think you would like the book Sunflower Houses if you don’t already have it…or Sharon Lovejoy’s blog.. (the author.) love, Beth

  33. Becca

    Oh, my! This looks like So-o-o much fun!

    We posted today too. http://chocoeyes.blogspot.com/2010/04/children-nature-awareness-month.html

  34. Stephanie

    This made me smile – we played with hyacinth blossoms today, too – except we painted with them! :)
    xx00 Steph