25 responses to “links to those participating in the great outdoor challenge”

  1. Shelley

    We have joined the great outdoor challenge. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It’s just what we needed!


  2. Wendy@PineNeedleGarden

    add me yes! We are big fans of outdoor-ness.

  3. Gabby

    Add us please!! :-) We have been itching to participate since we saw this on Sherry’s blog and are FINALLY back to full health and can get outdoors again!! I got up one post already today and can’t wait to post (hopefully!) daily!!! Thanks so much for this awesome challenge!! <3

  4. Kirsten

    We are doing this as our 2010 New Year’s Resolution, but I feel excited at the prospect of being in a community of families doing the same thing! My blog is devoted to our adventures outside as well as inside :-)

  5. Jamie

    we’d love to play!!! count us in :) jamie

  6. Rana

    This sounds great I found you through Living and Learning’s blog. Can we join? I have been trying to get us outside more. Even in the rain as long as it’s not thundering and lightening. : )

  7. Jennifer

    I love this!!!!!! Please add us, so excited to participate :-)

    Jen and family

  8. Stacy of KSW

    Yay! What a fantastic way to celebrate, I’m in ALL the way!

  9. Anet

    Hey Lisa,
    Could you redo my link?
    It takes people to an old post before the Challenge started.

  10. playing with blossoms- outdoor challenge day 3 | 5 Orange Potatoes

    […] Participants- if the names are only copying and not the links- right click on this file, select save target as, hit download, and then open it up and copy and paste it into your html page on your publishing page. Hopefully this works, Dave made the code and said is should work. Good luck with that or you can simply link them to the updated link post. […]

  11. elizabeth

    I’m in! What a great challenge. It has already been so much fun.

  12. childhood magic

    Can I do a nature picture each time I make a post, or does it have to be everyday? I post almost everyday, but some days I just can’t find the time!! I’d love to play, just let me know! thanks!

  13. Marina

    I’m having trouble as well… for now I’ll just link to this post…

    Thanks again Lisa!

  14. Catherine

    This is such fun. I am having difficulties adding the list of participants to my posts, though. When I copy and paste, I only get names … no links. Suggestions? I’m not very technically gifted, I’m afraid!

  15. Christie

    I’m not sure how to add the list of names to my posts. And advice?

  16. Joey

    Please add us, we’d love to play along. :)

  17. andrea gutierrez
  18. Teena(funkymommy)

    Please add me…this sounds like fun!!!

  19. kangaroo

    I’ll play! I’ll play!