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    […] day is looking increasingly full, I’m not sure we’re going to make it outside for our get outdoors challenge.  Or rather, I should say…I’m pretty sure Bugs is going to be outside at some point, […]

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  3. Lindsey G

    We are in :) …trying to catch up with out pictures, though….

  4. Charley Jones

    What a great idea. I also really liked your daughter’s list of things she learned. My 2 and a half year old is probably too young to map the back yard but loves being outdoors, especially on the water. We’d love to be involved in the Great Outdoor Challenge and will post some blogs in the coming week. In the meantime, here’s what we got up to in The Royal National Park at Easter…


  5. Emma

    Oh we will be joining in!

  6. Marita
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  8. child in harmony

    I have Day 2 of the challenge posted on my blog



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  10. Christie
  11. Cori
  12. kristen

    Thank you for this! Going to try to do it today!

  13. Catherine
  14. Tricia

    I love your girls list of what they learnt.

    Here’s my first post http://littleecofootprints.typepad.com/little_eco_footprints/2010/04/knowing-nature-a-children-and-nature-awareness-month-challenge.html

    I’ve used a photo from a few weeks ago and will start taking the daily photos tomorrow.

    Enjoy your outdoors time tomorrow.

  15. becky

    I forgot to take my camera yesterday but took my grandson to a nature center nearby. He loved the fish in the tanks – samples from those that are out in the river, we got to see some mudpuppies that had just recently been taken in – while prevalent, they’re hard to see in the river because they move so fast and blend in so well. Then we went walking on the trails, examining the moss, spring flowers, watching geese and crows, playing at the water’s edge, studying the properties of water chestnuts, talking about the tides that are in effect at this point along the Hudson. This is a great challenge.

  16. Casey M

    Bronchitis has kept us inside these first few days of April, but the kids still make note of what birds are feeding in the yard:) Hope to be outside tomorrow and enjoy our supposed sunshine!

  17. Shady Lady

    Very cool post!!

  18. Courtney
  19. branflakes
  20. Jessica
  21. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    How fun it is going to be to see all the greatness you share here this month! So many wonderful discoveries, and so lucky to have so many trees!

    I think the blog post I just did can count for the outdoor challenge… (the challenge is not getting outdoors, it’s remembering to bring the camera…)


  22. My Year in Haiku

    I have one today. Not sure I can have one every day of the month. We certainly go outside every day but not always with a camera and a photo-agenda! This is such a wonderful idea. It is hard to believe how little time some kids spend outside.

    Today: http://myyearinhaiku.blogspot.com/2010/04/adventure-sisters-little-fingers.html

  23. Brynn
  24. Amy

    Ooh, I wanna play! My monkeys love the outdoors!

  25. Joy

    We’re participating. I just posted about our outside time today. 😉

  26. Christy

    Hi! I just found your blog. I actually saw the comment you left for Kari and noticed Sherry’s remark about your outdoor challenge so I knew I had to visit your blog.

    I love the challenge! Love your blog too.

    1. Christy

      Oops – I meant to say I saw your comment on Facebook. I should proofread my comments before I submit them!

  27. Lise
  28. Debbie

    Our post for today is up. Mapping the yard…great idea Fauna.

    1. Debbie
  29. Renee
  30. Alex in Canada

    I did a quick post to let others know about this challenge and to record our first one!

  31. Stephanie

    We can play today: Flower Walk.

  32. angelina

    hi guys: count me in: need to work on that camera thing today!