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  1. Jenny Matlock

    Came over from MamaSnail – This is a great challenge to get kids away from the TV and video games and really get out to experience nature.

  2. Lisa Crowe

    We are with you and the little ladies!! We have been spending so much time outside lately and it really makes me happy!

  3. angie

    oh yeah. It’s funny, i have trouble keeping my kids IN doors, although we do tend to do city things: garden, rake, dig, bike, run, play, jump, etc.

  4. Pumpkinbear

    I didn’t think we’d be able to be in, but even on the day of Willow’s surgery we got outside and played, so we’re DEFINITELY in!!!

  5. Valarie

    Hi….can we play? We are outside every single day. Look forward to joining you.

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  7. Annie

    We are definitely in. I picked up a copy of Louv’s book a couple of weeks back and am just getting started reading it, so this is perfect timing!

  8. Michelle

    Love this idea! We’re staring a few days behind, but we’re in! Thank you for putting this together. I’m looking forward to reading your future posts :)

    ~ Michelle and family – in Minneapolis

  9. Charley Jones

    Secret Water is particiapting too, is this where we sign up? :)

  10. Claire

    So often it’s hubby (SAHD) taking our daughter outside during the day when I’m at work, that I’m the one that neglects getting out and about. We have been talking alot about the importance of getting out, and I think this is the kick in the butt I’ve needed. Thank you for reminding me the importance of not only getting outside everyday, but to also spend the time teaching and learning how to get to know and appreciate everything there is out there!

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  12. angela

    We’re In too!
    Or should I say Out?

    ~angela @ [http://dandeliongirls.blogspot.com/]

  13. Mrs Addams

    We are participating! there is hardly a day we don’t spend some time outside. i can not post everyday and i have no idea how to ‘link-up’ to anything (sheepish) but we are there with you!

  14. Lisa

    Followed a link over here from Montessori Beginnings, and I’m glad I did. This challenge will be a major kick in the butt for me. I know how important outdoor play is, and yet it seems to get shuffled to the bottom of the priority list so often, and many days my 2 year old goes to bed with his only outdoor time being the walk to and from the car during the mad dash of the day.

    I won’t post a photo everyday, but I will try to get out everyday, and maybe do a weekly update of how we’re doing. Every day in remaining in April, you say? Here goes…

  15. Eileen

    Little Acorn Learning is participating too! xoxo

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  17. luz

    good excuse to get outdoors!!

    1. luz

      I love your little get outdoors tree button, I had to put it on my blog. http://weewaldorf.blogspot.com

  18. atouria

    We’re in! What a fun challenge!

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  21. Barbara

    This is a great idea! Our April weather is certainly cooperating this year in Minnesota! I’ll start it off with some pictures of a trip to our neighborhood pond last week…

  22. Katie

    Here is a little about the changing of the season in Australia from Summer to Autumn. Also, a bit about Indigenous weather. Thanks for all your lovely posts.
    Here is mine: http://obaitori.typepad.com/obaitori/2010/04/autumn.html.html Edit

  23. Katie

    Here is a little about the changing of the season in Australia from Summer to Autumn. Also, a bit about Indigenous weather. Thanks for all your lovely posts.

  24. elizabeth
  25. Saminda

    Yes! We’re definitely IN! :)
    xo Saminda.

  26. Stephinie ~ Gypsy Mama

    What a great post! We’d love to join in…. we’ve been outside planting our garden(s) all month!

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  28. andrea gutierrez
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  30. onepinkfish

    We’re in. First time stopping by your blog and loving it!

  31. Hallie

    I wouldn’t really call this a challenge for us, sicne we already spend so much time outdoors but I am up for the thrill of capturing it on a daily basis!


  32. mandy
  33. Phyllis

    For the Love of Violets is our first day:
    but we are going to try to get out each day and make an entry.

  34. Montessoribeginnings

    What a wonderful thing to do. We’re in but will post our weeks worth of photos on the weekend! What a great response you’ve had so far.

  35. Sarah @ Mum In Bloom

    I’m in :) My camera’s broke, but I’ll have the kid’s draw a picture for me to scan each day. Thank you for this and your new button is on my sidebar!

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  37. Jennifer W

    We are in! I love this challenge, we have just started geocaching and have had some great experiences while out and about. We’ve come across 4 snakes, a beaver, numerous bugs, and a raccoon that scared us!

  38. Denise

    I’m with you guys .. last one outside close the door xx

  39. Luisa

    I like this even I can do it because I’m much more of a home body but my kids love to be out and it’s important to really experience nature, farms, mud, wool and where food comes from. One of my favorite books is “I Love Dirt” by Jennifer Ward.
    On another note I heard on my local radio station this morning that on facebook there is a game called farmville or something. The dj’s couldn’t believe it when they heard about this game. People spend money to go online to create virtual farms and buy all the virtual animals with real money. Can you imagine having a farm on the computer? What they kept asking was now people can actually go buy a cow but still don’t know how a farm animal works, where the milk comes from and etc. I thought that’s a sad shame a virtual farm situation now replaces getting in the car going for a drive to see how wool is made, where food comes from, or going to see some animals to pet and feed. How about a walk that’s easy on the wallet? I feel sorry for those who play this game and miss out on all this outdoor fun. Sorry for this very long comment but I just see how it all ties in together and we are soo lucky that we can make the choices we want to make for our families.

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  41. Dawn

    I’m right with you! This is such an important challenge. You’re right, it’s best if we, ourselves get outside with our children.

  42. Tricia

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I’m in!

    Knowing nature is a passion of mine.

    I’m particularly passionate about urban nature – so am looking forward to using this challenge to show other city dwellers that nature can even be found in a busy city.

  43. Christy
  44. ruth

    One thing I have especially loved about your site Lisa is the connection you show with your children and nature. You guys are soo connected and with so much love. Very inspiring for me.
    I love Jason Mraz and Sesame St, thanks for that clip too. I remember seeing him as an opening act for Beth Orton in a small venue in Sydney once, he gives so much happiness doesn’t he?
    And being outside is the best way to get your vitamin D. Best thing ever for keeping illness at bay :)

  45. Momma Snail

    The Snail Family is in!!!!!

  46. nicola@which name?

    I hadn’t visited your blog yet when Nicole (Frontier Dreams) directed us this way. Excellent post, Lisa, and one that resonates with many of us. It is funny, the “why” only occurred to me just the other day and I tried to come up with a simple explanation for my 5 year old. It is clear we will need to regularly repeat this (as with most things), but I realized we hadn’t been doing much “why” previously.

  47. branflakes

    What a GREAT idea! I am in! My hubby and I have been talking alot lately about getting more into nature. We do spend a good amount of time outside playing and having fun, but I can’t really say that we really teach the kids that much about nature (not that just enjoying time outside is bad, because it’s very good too). I just now thought of a perfect teaching moment I had with my kids today that I failed… we were at the lake having a picnic and they asked me what a certain type of bird was, I didn’t know and said so. My niece looked at me and said “I thought mommies knew everything”, I told her that we can learn new things everyday just like children by doing research and finding out, but then I didn’t do it. I should have come home and looked up that bird and thought them about it, I forgot all about it until just now. Anyway, I love this idea and will be participating!

  48. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    I agree, that great quote should give people a lot to consider. Because my girls are still pretty young we don’t go into big technical discussions on the troubling state of the environment, but they know that the way we live, the things we do (organic, no plastic, recycling, etc.), we do this because we care about the earth. And most importantly they are growing up outdoors, with a great love a respect for every bit of the natural world around them!
    I sure can’t commit to a posting everyday challenge, but I can commit to getting outside everyday, the girls certainly will be, so I will contribute on my blog when I can…
    Renee :)

  49. Shady Lady

    What a great challenge! But…somehow, I just don’t see this happening with us right now. Too much going on and Princess gets so cold even if she’s all bundled up. :( It does sound awesome, though!

  50. Clemencia

    what an awesome challenge, very creative, my daughter loves to be outdoors, I’ll do my best to post the pictures daily :)