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  1. Sherry
  2. Leslie

    We’re all in! 😀

  3. Get Outdoors Challenge – Day One « The Loving Path

    […] then, play along with us during the month of April for  Children and Nature Awareness Month by posting a picture of your child(ren) each day enjoying the outdoors! Get outdoors and climb a […]

  4. Anet

    We’ll join in. What a great way to spread the word to get outside!

  5. Alex in Canada

    We love being outside! We are in rain or shine!!! Do you have a little button or something to help promote this on my blog??

  6. Valarie

    Greetings. I love this blog post. My mother always said “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” She had us outside, everyday, no matter what. I’ve carried on this tradition as well.

  7. get outdoors challenge! | 5 Orange Potatoes

    […] along with us during the month of April for  Children and Nature Awareness Month  by posting a picture of your child(ren) each day enjoying the outdoors! Get outdoors and climb a […]

  8. Lise

    All right, I’ve posted about it, here:

    Glad you liked the widget idea! Didn’t want to dump more on your plate! :-)

  9. Christie

    Here is our first entry. We headed out for our first Spring trip to the beach.

  10. Brynn

    We’re in! Outside everyday, rain or shine is our M.O.

    Some thoughts: The best, perhaps the only, way to teach respect for nature, is to be in it. We can’t be taught to value something, it just has to become part of us. I think talking too much about nature is a mis-step of environmental education, at least for the littlest ones–talking stresses the otherness of nature. Let us all bring our children to the wilderness every day and let them play as they wish, without our interruption. There is no better step for fostering reverence and a desire to care for our beautiful earth!

  11. jenn

    I am going to try to post a picture everyday for April. This really gave me pause today.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Amy

    Count us in too. We have the garden started and love outside!

  13. childhood magic

    I am going out of town soon—but I’ll post pics until we leave. I’ll start tomorrow!

  14. child in harmony

    I have a picture up for the challenge – Day 1. My daughter caught a frog .



  15. karen

    We’re with you! 100%. We love the outdoors. We’ll be working on our 2 veggie gardens for many months to come. :)

  16. Beth

    Count me in. This should be a lot of fun!

  17. Catherine

    Perfect challenge for springtime, count us in!
    Many Blessings,
    Catherine :)

  18. Stephanie

    I’m this on Growing Naturally!


  19. Julie

    I love this. We’re in!

  20. dongdong

    sure, sounds fun. We’re leaving for China in a week or so but when I come back, I’ll post our outdoor pictures. :)

  21. kelly

    Fantastic idea, Lisa! We are out every day regardless of the weather and this certainly appeals to us so we will try to do this.

  22. Lizzie

    Wow, we spend loads of time outdoors, but this is a fantastic way to make sure we make it count:

  23. Eileen

    I run a nature-based childcare so this is my kind of challenge – consider Little Acorn Learning ‘in’!

  24. Joy

    I’m in! I could barely drag my kids inside for bed this weekend so I know they’ll be up for it. :)

  25. Zane

    I found you through Frontier Dreams this morning. . .

    We must be on the same page with April and getting outside. I wrote along similar lines on my blog last night (www.amabellen.blogspot.com). It’s good to find you!

  26. AG Ambroult

    mmmm…it is a great point. My girls can tell you about their carbon footprint, but I wonder if they really get the connection between respecting our outside space and the global environment. We’re in. I may not be able to post a pic each and every day of the month, but I will certainly include one in each blog post I do for the rest of the month. exciting!

  27. Beth

    This is a great idea! I love taking my boy out into the woods or beach! He is so happy and confident out there. He’s an adventure boy! There are lots of children who don’t have this kind of opportunity, and they’re missing out on a lot. It’s so good for them. I also find that there is less play date strife and competition (an issue with a lot of boys,) when children are out in the wide open! love, Beth

  28. Mari-Ann

    We’re in! We spend A LOT of time outdoors exploring the island we live on, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for us. I’ll be posting on my private blog, but I’d be happy to send you an invite if you’re interested. :)



    I saw that article as well and it really stuck with me. Fabulous idea and thanks for bringing this up!

  30. child in harmony


    If we want children to truly care about the earth, they need to be *personally involved*…making that real *connection* with nature in order for it to have real meaning to them and for them to truly understand.

    And one can begin in their own backyard!


  31. Mon

    That IS a really interesting observation – about the global environment vs our backyards.
    When the 2yr-old and I are outside we get down on our knees and look at the minutae – the tiny leaves, petals, beetles…. that’s what I want to pass on to her, that natureis right there, at her own feet.

  32. Juliet Robertson

    Super idea. I’m not sure whether any of your readers have joined C&NN Connect but Carmen Fields from Alaska had an “Iditanature” challenge going on, that’s encouraged local children to spend the equivalent time in minutes outside as the Iditarod is long – 1500 miles or something like that. This is took place whilst the Iditarod happened in February and March.

    Long live creative ways of getting children outdoors. For more info about Iditanature have a look at: http://childrenandnature.ning.com/xn/detail/2961135:Event:8111?xg_source=activity

  33. kyndale

    Lisa, this is a very nice challenge and it would fit nicely with my one small change challenge! I’m in. Thanks for the inspiration….as always! : )

  34. Spring « The Loving Path

    […] is post a picture everyday in April of your kiddo(s) enjoying the great outdoors. Head over to her blog and let her know that you too want to take part.  If we don’t teach our children to love and […]

  35. Robin

    so, can a big kid join in? I don’t have any little ones (other then when I borrow yours :)
    …Here is my personal challenge. To get outside everyday myself! I will share them on my flickr site

  36. Nicole (frontier Dreams)
  37. Nicole (frontier Dreams)

    We are soooo in! Posting about this tomorrow :)

  38. debbie

    well, YEAH! it might be nice to have a thingie, like Lise was asking about, as this is what i generally post everyday anyway!!!

  39. Julia Harris

    I vow to go out everyday. I can’t promise to post a pic though. Great idea!

  40. Debbie

    We are definitely in. “Last Child in the Woods;” what a fantastic book. Getting outside is so important on so many levels. And one doesn’t need a huge space – there is so much to discover and revere in the smallest of spaces. I will get our first pic up tomorrow. Thanks for doing this. xo

  41. Renee

    Great idea! We’re in.

  42. Lise

    I’ll join in! I’m a big proponent of getting kids outside in all weather, for big chunks of time!

    I wonder if you could have a little widget to put on our blogs, as a way for readers to know what’s going on? I don’t know how hard those things are to make…

  43. Jessica

    Of course we’re with you, silly!

  44. Christie

    We are in. I do a daily picture thing already but we will do our best to add this in. :)
    And I agree, I want so badly for my children to be grateful for the natural world around them. I want them to love their life on this planet. There is no better way for them to learn that than to live it and love it regularly. I hope lots of people join in!

  45. sunnymama

    Oh yes please! What a great idea. :)

  46. angelina

    yes, i’m with you!

  47. Lisa

    I think this is a fantastic challenge! I’ll join. I just posted today’s picture, along with a link to your blog.

  48. Sherry

    We’re in! I’ll start snapping photos tomorrow. :)

  49. Sherry

    We’re in! We’ll start snapping photos tomorrow. :)

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