children and nature awareness month challenge

The Children and Nature Network , chairman Richard Louv, has declared the month of April to be Children and Nature Awareness Month. If you know me or have followed my blog for a while you know that nature is very important to my little ladies and me, not just being in nature, but KNOWING and RESPECTING nature.  Here is Araina and Newton enjoying the beautiful weather today.

Recently, I read an article in the NY Times called Playtime is Over, by David Elkind, he said something that floored me (in reference to Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods)- “our young people are more aware of threats to the global environment than they are of the natural world in their own backyards.” This statement has really stuck with me. We teach our children to make the correct environmental choices and be aware of our environmental footprint, but are we REALLY teaching them WHY they should be doing this? Are we doing more than simply saying, “Save a tree, don’t use that paper towel.” Are we teaching them RESPECT for the plants and creatures as well as telling them the consequences to poor environmental choices? Getting them outside AND going outside with them is the best way to learn respect for the beautiful Earth we live on. Turn off the TV and video games this month, climb a tree, look under a rock, play in the mud, plant some seeds, eat a dandelion leaf, etc……explore YOUR backyard!

 So I have a challenge for you that I know will be quite easy for many of you in the blog world; I know how many of the bloggers I visit respect and care that our children get outdoors on a daily basis. Lets show the world how we do it; in honor of Children and Nature Awareness Month, go outside everyday, rain or shine; then take a picture each day, for the rest of April, of your children outdoors and post it. Just a single picture will do; words aren’t even necessary. Lets spread the word and go outdoors!

Leave your blog link below if you’re with me!

 “That’s all.”


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    We play outside daily – I can’t say enough about the importance of this daily ritual! I direct a nature-based preschool so I see all the benefits firsthand of outdoor play and environmental education. I highly encourage everyone to read Richard Louv’s book!

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