22 responses to “monster eggs”

  1. rae

    adorable! i love that they wobble! we made egg monsters, too. ours are here:

    hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday weekend! we are on spring break and my mom is visiting so ours is extended a bit. 😉

  2. Jennifer W

    NOw those are just too cute! I have to remember this for next year!

  3. Robin

    The pink one looks like you :)

  4. Jen

    I love these! and you could make these critters anytime of year. My daughter is having a monster mash for her birthday at the end of this month- maybe we’ll have to try this as one of the activities!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Mona

    How cute – and I also learned a new word: wobble! :)

  6. gina

    SO cute! I am filing this idea for next year!!!!!

  7. Erin

    These are so cute! Happy Easter!

  8. becky

    oh this has tremendous possiblitites – you could make all kinds of characters! What fun!

  9. Nicole (frontier Dreams)

    Oh those are sooo great!!!

  10. Shady Lady

    These are so clever!!!

  11. Christie

    I was just trying to think of something different to use and what about recycled tin foil shaped like and egg, then add the tissue paper?

  12. Christie


  13. Stephanie

    So fun!!
    And monstrous!

  14. Dawn

    I love the monster eggs! Happy Easter. :)

  15. ruth

    what a great idea – wobbly eggy monsters :)

  16. childhood magic

    These are terrific!

  17. Jessica

    Drat! I wish I had seen this earlier this week…I would have made some for Benjamin!

    Although, like you say…monsters are pretty much a 24/7, 365 sorta thing! :)

  18. Renee

    I love them!

    ok, ROFL, I tried to just submit the above sentence, and was told “Your comment was just a bit too short, please go back and try again”!

  19. Juliet Robertson

    I’m showing my age but in the Seventies you could buy “Weebles” just like this…they were famous because “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. I think this is a great homemade alternative. Thanks

  20. Becca

    OH, so cute!!! This would be a fun project to do with my boy.

  21. Transit Antenna

    I love that they wobble.

  22. Patricia

    They makes me smile :)
    Love the idea!