28 responses to “spring has sprung”

  1. sarah

    I dyed the paper for my wedding invitations with tea!!!!! What beautiful, fond memories you are creating for your daughters. :-)

  2. Samantha

    I think we’ll try some paper drying/dye- ing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. MamaBird

    Bunnies, butterflies and tea parties could fix a lot! If only little girls could rule the world…

  4. kelleyn

    What a darling bunny! Happy spring!

  5. kelly

    I agree with you on spring days. We are having grey, cold, wet days this week..but this is England and lots of the year is grey and wet! Lovely spring pictures. The paper dyeing project should be lots of fun experimenting with various colours.

  6. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    I agree, spring can be very hard that way, but at least when the sunny days return we can feel renewed and refreshed all over again.
    Those pink stripe bunny ears are super cute!

  7. Jessica

    Oh. My. God. I LOVE the hootenanny tree house!!!!

    Totally agree about Spring. My, she’s fickle.

    And, hmmmm…methinks we photographed a similar pupa last year. I’ll have to look back at my posts (it was taken at Wildwood, the Nature Center we dig). :)

    Did I mention how adorable the tree house is–make more, make more!!!!

  8. halfpastafreckle

    Cute! CUTE! CUTE!!!! That little bunny is sooooooo cute!!!
    “thats all”

  9. Dianne

    I just read your last three posts… I love the tree mimmicking and the nest building baskets… I’ve provided nest material bunched in spots as well. You have a very impressive nest collection… I just love bird nests… I now have two blogs and I’d love to add you to one of my blog lists. Please visit http://bitsandpiecesofd.blogspot.com for where I share photos and thoughts of life and nature. Piecesofd.blogspot.com is where I post my art and enter challenges.

  10. Sarah

    It looks like your warm days are like many of ours – sunny but windy. We’ve had quite a few beautiful sunny days without wind, though. We’ve even had our first sunburns!

    I love the little table and chairs. Very sweet.

    That bunny is my favorite out of anything you’ve made. *Darling*

  11. Shady Lady

    Our Hootenanny really could use a proper house. Will you have them available Etsy?

    Peace, Love & Butterflies…that rocks!

  12. Dawn

    That first bouquet of the year, brought by a child is so special. That winking bunny is so cute! All the bickering and politics has been getting to me too much. I love your daughter’s t-shirt.

  13. Amy

    Sounds like busy times at your house! I agree about the fickle nature of spring, but I have a hard time not liking it after the cold, harshness of winter! Love, love, love the t-shirt!

  14. Catherine

    Love the dyed paper! I was just reading about making dyes and paints from plants this morning and pondering what all we could create with them… lots of fun things come to mind :) .

    Peace Love & Butterflies, perfect. I’m trying hard to ignore all of the bickering and politics going on right now … I’ll focus on this sweet message instead.

    Catherine :)

  15. Teena(funkymommy)

    ooh I must try this paper dying idea. I feel the same about the Spring weather. I was so energized last week with those gorgeous rays of sunshine and now just blah. I guess I just pour myself a nice cup of coffee and think of the sun. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  16. Lisa Crowe

    I’ve been sick since the first day of spring!! And allergies to boot! But the sunny days are so wonderful and inspiring. Tea parties are definitely going on here! I can’t wait to see the tree!!!!!!! And little Miss Araina is too cute for words!!! love that t-shirt!

    happy spring

  17. Amanda

    Ooooh, I want to dye paper too! Maybe I could use this huge plethora of mint that is trying to overtake my garden? I wonder if it would make yellow, green or brown? It would be a fun project to make different shades of paper, wrap in ribbon and give as a gift of stationary…

    Peace love and butterflies to you!


  18. Earth Mama

    I totally hear you on the gray and dreary day spring funk. We got a taste of that today and yesterday. Once it’s spring I just want to be outside all day long! I love all of your critters.


  19. Ivy

    Peace, love and butterflies. If only. Here’s hoping spring is filled with more sunshine than gray!

  20. dongdong

    love your bunny! I use to collect bunnies since I was born in the year of the rabbit I don’t know how you find the time to make all the goodies.

  21. karen

    Ah. I wish the bickering would end, or at least I wish we could have a civil conversation..without hurling racist comments or other nastiness!!

    Looks lovely there…it is all wet,cold, and yuck-o here! Spring is not my favorite time of year either!

  22. Heather

    Oh, an outdoor tea party, I LOVE it. Picnics are one of my favorite parts of the warm weather, and we are taking every chance we can get to enjoy the warm weather. We have had the exact same experience with the fickled weather, and I right now, after a few gorgeous days, we are once again awaiting 9 inches of snow. I just keep saying to myself that the consistent beauty will be here shortly. I had a dream last night that the first leaves had popped through, and I woke up so excited for the weeks ahead.

  23. Erin

    This post takes me back – we used to dye tissue paper all of the time when I was a child to use for wrapping paper. I loved doing that, and have to start doing it again with my kids.

    Happy Spring!

  24. Marina

    SO much goodness in this post, Lisa! I *love* the look and feel of the textured paper! It keeps me grounded in the handwritten arts rather than losing myself to the keyboard. I think my oldest, Matteo would really enjoy this!

    The bunnies are adorable, hope you don’t mind me using this idea for the boys baskets :)

    …and um, please tell me about that table and chairs you use for your tea parties! I’ve been looking for something more rounded in form and those are wonderfully perfect! Where did you find them?

    Thanks for the smiles and inspiration today!


  25. childhood magic

    I used to love making paper when I was a kid. This tea stained paper is an interesting twist. Would love to experiment with it soon. Thanks for being such a great inspiration to us all!

  26. Melissa

    Peace, love and butterflies indeed. :) I have the exact same feelings about spring. Here in Southern Ontario it is really just a warmer, less snowy version of winter. This weekend we have seen nothing but gale winds, rain, some snow and temperatures hovering around zero. Blargh. Love the bright yellow daffodils though.

  27. Debbie

    I need to come visit you so you can teach me to sew as well as you. :) Fantastic bunnies. xo