29 responses to “our day (including some good links)”

  1. Sheila

    I agree, Bee Potter, is a neat lady to study. I wrote a paper in high school about her. I love the movie they made about her. I love that she donated the land she bought from her books as land that must remain “green”. Great movie. Good job.

  2. chelsea Russell

    We have this picture book about Frida and Love it. My girls and I did self portraits after reading it last summer.

  3. Beth

    Maybe it’s just me being fussy, but there’s two other major countries left off the United Kingdom work sheet, the UK doesn’t just include England and Northern Ireland.
    I love reading about the way in which your children learn! Beatrix Potter books are so so lovely to read.
    Thanks for the great links!

  4. nicola@which name?

    i love reading what your learning includes. thank you for these links!

  5. Lucia

    Love the snippets and pieces of your busy days. Great reading…since there seems to be a bit of a British theme…has your family seen the Little Travelers dvd of their trip to the British Isles? It really is fabulous and we highly recommend it. Hoping we can follow in their path sometime in the near future.


    And that last image of the latch hook brought back some fond childhood memories. Need to get my mom to send us some supplies…my kids are almost old enough to give it a try.

  6. Emily

    My girls love that Frida Kahlo book! Around here, it never fails to inspire. And as for Beatrix Potter, she’s an all-time family favorite. Really, you just can’t go wrong with her stories, and I’m so glad you’re reading them in the original. Sounds you had a busy day!

  7. elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

    I loved seeing this glimpse of how your allow your girls to learn. I’m still trying to develop an image of how our homeschooling will go when my little guy is older.

    BTW, I’m your vintage swap partner. I am going to work on getting those questions answered soon. I had such a fun time with it last swap I am exciting for this go round.

  8. kyndale

    Yes, see Lisa….a full moon. I must be a werewolf or something! Always getting crazy on the full moon : )

  9. Shady Lady

    We just read that same Frida book! (And a Diego Rivera book, too.) It was part of our Mexico exploration. It is such a beautiful book.

  10. Erin Wallace

    The Frida sun is wonderful and latch hook – always makes me think of my Childhood when I would spend entire days with a latch hook and yarn. I loved to latch hook!

  11. Lisa Crowe

    sounds wonderful! love frida kahlo!!!! thanks for the links
    have a great weekend

  12. AG Ambroult

    looks like lots of fun learning going on over there. I’m a big fan of Frida and if you are too the book, The Lacuna (By B. Kingsolver), is a historical novel based around Frida and Diego. I’m reading it right now—great book!

  13. gina

    Amazing day! And latch hooking, I remeber latch hooking! I think i need to get Shaye one. :)

  14. Sara

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing what you’ve been up to, and for all the links. I love Frida, and I hope you post your Frida inspired art projects. I hope you’re having a nice weekend! Thanks again!

  15. Stephanie

    that’s so cute that she keeps it under her pillow!

  16. tara

    Busy, busy!! The puzzle is great and I’ll be sure to check out the math games.

  17. Linda

    You have all been having such a great week! Thank you for the great links:)

  18. Phyllis

    I really enjoyed hearing about your day. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  19. Emma

    How wonderful that you’re teachning your girls about such interesting and eclectic things – poetry, artists, geography, cipher wheels! They sound as though they’re drinking it in and enjoying every moment. Frida Kahlo was such an interesting woman, I’m always keen to learn more about her myself x

  20. Renee

    oh, fun! Thanks for that math games book suggestion. We have ‘Games For Math’ by Peggy Kay, but I don’t think it’s as extensive.

  21. kyndale

    It’s sounds so great, all the things you’re doing. I want to check out the Mega-fun math book!

  22. The Tan Family - Syrendell

    Gotta love latch hooking! The cipher wheel sounds intriguing. What a wonderful week you’ve been having as a family! :)

  23. Laurie N

    Pretty, pretty, pretty – your house must be bursting with color and interesting things from all the ongoing projects. :-)

  24. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    I have a great fondness for Robert Louis Stevenson, and Beatrix Potter too. My oldest did not like the Beatrix Potter stories until she was past 8, but both girls have been enjoying them more lately.

  25. Ivy

    Sounds like an incredible and very literary day. Love the cryptography — will totally have to look into that!

  26. halfpastafreckle

    I love how the girls are learning about fairytales and who wrote them :)

  27. Mrs. Money

    Beautiful pictures! :)