24 responses to “oatmeal-honey face mask”

  1. Patricia Yo!

    I Just Tired This Mask (Actually I Have It On Right This Second.) I Love It! Its Kinda Thicker Looking Then Yours But I Sure It Has Same Affect.

    Its Smells Really Good, And I’m Sure It Taste Good Too! But I’m Not Sure If I Want To Eat It.

    Thanks For The Idea Guys!

    Good Stuff

  2. turnitupmom

    Just stumbled upon your site. It looks like you sure have a lot of fun here :)

  3. jane

    today is the perfect day to try this. thanks!

  4. Emma

    Oof I need this at the moment – what a lovely little treat. Those home salon ladies look marvellous – very happy to have such a lovely facial.

  5. Sybille

    Thanks for sharing, I think it’s just what my face needs.

  6. nicola@which name?

    similar to one i make and use, lovely! but look at that beautiful goofy model you have. priceless.

  7. Dana

    Wonder if I can make this for my entire body!!

  8. halfpastafreckle

    I know what is behind that beautiful face :)

  9. Katherine

    I love these kids of masks…I use one once a week. I almost always use honey ( my favorite tasty humectant!) and oats.

  10. Amanda

    what a fun idea!!

  11. Dawn

    Ha! That sounds like something that would happen over here too!

    This sounds lovely and yes, taking care of ourselves is so important~

  12. Heather

    This has been one of favorite masks to make in the winter months. I just recently discovered the moisture benefits of using straight honey, and it has really helped me through out winter. I have been putting this mask into the blender, and it comes out a thick paste that feels so darn good on dry skin.
    Gorgeous photos Lisa!

  13. AG Ambroult

    oh yay! more homamde bath and body recipes :) thanks, my girls are gonna love this one.

  14. tara

    This is perfect for the damage inflicted by the dry winter weather.

    Cute pic of Fauna :)

  15. Patricia

    Ha ha, Fauna is SWEET!

    Happy day 😀

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  18. Angie Neil

    Looks yummy! LOL!!

    Come share your creation at my party: Thursday’s Treasures!

  19. Shady Lady

    You have the best ideas!

  20. Ivy

    The mask sound wonderful and reminds me of something my mom used to buy when I was little so I already imagine I know what it smells like.

    And Fauna is beautiful.

  21. Debbie

    How cute is Fauna? And guess what we’ll be trying tomorrow??? :)

  22. Jessica

    Her eyes are just beautiful in that first photo!

    You know, this post made me giggle. You see, I tried making an oatmeal & lavender facial mask once. It never occurred to me that I had to make a small batch & use it immediately. Instead, I stored it. What did I find when I dipped my hand into the jar a week later? MOLD. In fact, it was very angry black mold. LOL!!!! That, my friend, was my last attempt at a homemade facial mask.

  23. Joy

    What adorable pictures! Thanks for the recipe, Lisa! :)