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  1. Carolyne

    Amazing! 5OP my savior!!! I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I was browsing through docor ideas and came across ’tissue’ pom poms which I liked but was abit unsure about them considering I would use them only for a short while during my event decor work… I tried looking up ‘fabric pom pom’ and wow!! I read through your procedure a while ago and am really gratified. I have just completed a lilac fine-knit fabric pom, which looks fabulous considering it was just a try-out. I have a line of events this month, I was getting sick of the cliche decor style in my city but this right here will help me stand out. I’m dying to try it out on glittered net fabric before I go to bed. I will update you on how it turns out!! ASANTE SANA! (Thank you)

  2. l. krotzer

    AWESOME…I am making a hat I think these will look great on it.

  3. Sara

    Those are really neat….thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Leanne

    Oh these are lovely. I adore fabric pom poms. We’ve had so much fun making these in the past and yes they are a great way of using up special bits of fabric!

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  6. karen m.

    Very, very pretty! Such a smart way to recycle clothing that cannot be given away and are too lovely (or once was) to be used as rags. Love the cozy, sweet pom pom tree. As always, thank you for the inspiration!

  7. heather

    this is gonna be hit here with the girls! thanks for the idea!!!

  8. Christina J.

    What a great idea! We’ve made them many times from yarn, but it never occurred to me to use fabric.

  9. nicola@which name?

    sweet! i recognize some of your fabric, but i am not sure where from…

  10. Cam

    Thank you so much for this idea! The next time I borrow my friend’s eight year old daughter, she and I will be all over this one!


  11. Earth Mama

    My daughter is doing these right now! Thanks! Is that a Trader Joes Almond Cluster cereal box? My favorite cereal.


  12. Shona Leah

    Those are great!!! <3 them ~Shona

  13. Tricia

    What a brilliant idea! I’m definately going to make some of these this week!!

    I love the tea stained one the best….I might try making some from different garden sourced dyes….Thanks for sharing :-)

  14. kristin

    ack!! these are adorable!!! i can just envision the future of my and my childrens clothing :)

  15. Olga

    They are lovely! My favourite one is the last one (pink one), but they look great all together! thanks for the tutorial :)

  16. Stacy

    Your fabric pom-poms are very cute. They look great hanging in the window.

  17. karen

    Those are cool!

    AND….You were one of the wInNeRs in my giveaway!!!! So, think it over and let me know what you want! Drop me a comment on my blog with your email addy, and I will contact you! (I won’t publish it for the world…or the 13 people who read my blog!!! :))

  18. Debbie

    These are great Lisa. They look so lovely hanging in front of that window – Just what we need to brighten up this dark dull days.

  19. Katherine

    These are just as cute as they can be. Thanks!

  20. Heather

    What a great tutorial Lisa! I really like the idea of using the kids old cothing that I just love too much to give away. These are so cute, and this will be a project in our near future

  21. Amanda

    These are so cool! I have never made pom poms before. Now I feel like I have to, I just can’t figure out what I should do with them. Maybe decorate a banner? How ever they are used it would be a great way to use fabric scraps! Thank you for sharing!


  22. Teresa

    Those are so cute! I think I’ll get some of that Christmas fabric at 50 percent off and make some sort of large ones into Christmas ornaments…

  23. halfpastafreckle

    so, so cute big sis!

  24. AG Ambroult

    I love those! What a great idea your sister– HMPH! 😉 — had!
    thanks for the tutorial

  25. renee @ FIMBY

    very sweet. I have some failing apart flannels I’ve been wondering what to do with. This is a neat idea but then I’m not sure what I’d “do” with the pom-pom either!

  26. juana

    Lisa, your creativity amazes me everyday! Looooooove them! I am going to make a trilion!lol

  27. Linda

    These are divine! I love them!

  28. Mama Rainbow

    Love love love them! I have a huge stash of fabric scraps that I’ve been aiming to use up this year – now I know what I can do with some of them. I love this idea, thank you.

  29. Shady Lady

    These are the most beautiful pom-poms I have even seen!!!

  30. TONYA

    What a fabulous idea. I make them out of yarn all the time, but I’d never thought to use fabric. Sounds like a great activity that the little ones could help me with. Saving this for a rainy day. Thank you.

  31. Stephanie

    At the beginning, I thought… Oh, they’re beautiful decorations!! And then I got to that last picture, and totally melted. Love, love, love it.

  32. Hip Mountain Mama

    This is very cool! thanks for the idea!

  33. Ivy

    Sadly I have to admit I’ve never made a pom pom on any type. But I’m thinking my little M might just love this. Thanks!

  34. Joy

    Very cute idea! We’ll have to try that. :)

  35. Andrea

    What a great idea! I love it and will definitely try this one for package decorations, etc.

  36. Kathleen

    pretty…love this idea! What a neat idea for ornaments too…a way to remember the little ladies when they were little, sniffle.

  37. Julia

    These are great. I saw an idea on a card at Hobby Lobby that showed how you could make “hydrangeas” and “carnations” out of fabric pom poms. I bet you could master that too.