28 responses to “winter sunflower and oats soak/scrub”

  1. oatmeal-honey face mask | 5 Orange Potatoes

    […] skin. I guarantee this will leave your face feeling clean, soft, and smooth. Again, like the oatmeal and sunflower scrub, these items are most likely in your kitchen and the mask only takes a few minutes to whip up. The […]

  2. jessica

    this is an amazing idea–a perfect gift idea, too!

  3. AG Ambroult

    my girls wanted to buy some kids’ body products they saw at the grocery stoer the other day, but I wouldn’t let them. I just don’t trust those products, laced with all kinds of things that I don’t want going on the kids’ bodies. This is a great “recipe” and I will surely be making this, and more bath-and-body products for my ladies. They can go hog wild with the homade products! (and mumma won’t worry…)

  4. Rose

    We made up a batch for homeschooling class and it is just great! My skin has never felt softer. We only have a shower so unfortunately I can not take a luxurious bath. I am using the scrub in the shower and my skin feels baby soft! Thank you so much for the recipe. The Winter was really taking a toll on my skin. Blessings, Rose

  5. Mon

    Yes, we all need pampering! I prefer a soak in the sun with a good book though myself, :)

  6. Annie

    Oh! That sounds divine!

  7. andrea gutierrez

    this sounds wonderful!

  8. nicola@which name?

    thank you! this is a twist i haven’t tried on an old favorite. i love oatmeal scrubs and soaks for my eczema!

  9. sarah in the woods

    Mmmm….I can smell it now! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Debbie

    Oh yes, BREATHE….I almost forgot. Not my best day as a parent…this bath is JUST what I need. Thank you. xo

  11. kate

    Yay, Lisa! Love this! And if I make a few batches it could be given in a ball jar as a thank you/get well/relax/preggo friend gift:)

    1. kate

      oh, wait….this is all about taking care of ourselves isn’t it? :)…old habits die hard;)

  12. kristen

    This looks just great. Thank you, also, for the link to such a great blog.

    On another note, how do you find the time during the day to get all theses wonderful things done? Would you consider blogging about your schedule during the day?

    Have a good day, Lisa!

  13. Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

    This looks just delightful, love oatmeal so soothing to the skin! My kids take an oatmeal bath often in the winter.

  14. AG Ambroult

    oooo….love this. Thanks! I even have all of those things in my pantry!

  15. Heather

    Oh this sounds so yummy! I have a girlfriend whose little one is really suffering from allergy skin rashes, and the poor thing is scratching all day long.

    I just love using kitchen recipes like this, because I have everything right here, and now I have something new and yummy to take a bath with.

  16. Its_Lily

    I need this! Michigan winter is sucking all the moisture out of my skin and I don’t like it. I have everything in the kitchen to make this tonight and try it out. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Teresa

    That sounds lovely!

  18. Tricia

    This sounds lovely! Thanks for sharing. I often throw a handfull of two into the bath – but this sounds much nicer. I’ll definately give it a go.

  19. Patricia

    Thank you Lisa!
    Tomorrow I take some time for myself 😉
    I’ll try this recipe!!

  20. The Tan Family - Syrendell

    Ah yes…breathe! Thank you for the reminder, and for the lovely recipe.

  21. Shady Lady

    Ooh…that sounds lovely!

  22. Joy

    I’ve been enjoying her series too. Thanks for the recipe! :)

  23. Earth Mama

    …yea because when you don’t, it isn’t pretty. I’m trying to remember those deep breaths. I need one of these baths…to soak away the grouchy mama!


  24. Amanda

    beautiful idea! I want to take a bath with it right right right now…. Thank you for sharing the recipe, and the sentiment.

  25. dongdong

    I have really been needing some time to myself. Thank you for this Lisa! Also thanks for linking Heather’s series. I enjoyed reading it.

  26. halfpastafreckle

    Even though this is food, my first thought is….is it gluten free :)

    1. Earth Mama

      If you use gluten free oats it is…otherwise, if you are like my daughter, it will irritate the heck out of your skin and body. So if you are highly gluten sensative, get some gluten free oats!