18 responses to “bean bag buddies (free pattern download)”

  1. Lisa

    My grandson will love these! I have added a link at http://www.lovelifelovecraft.co.uk

  2. Ivy

    Oh, my gosh those are so cute. I had a little trouble printing the pattern because it is rather pale. But I totally have to try this. Are the pattern pieces to scale? It looks a little small to me compared to the picture, but then I’m thinking this is only to a 5 1/2 square. Can’t wait to make these — of course they need to get in line because next on my to-do list is your gremlins for Valentines Day!

  3. nicola@which name?

    super cute, lisa!

  4. Rachel

    That is super cute! I love the big, floppy ears. Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  5. Stacy

    Sweet bean bag puppy/bunny. Love those ears!

  6. Dawn

    That’s very cute, and such a great idea to use an old shirt.

  7. halfpastafreckle

    Jesse thinks she would look lovely as a beanbag puppy!

  8. Erin

    I love these bean bags that you make! Unfortunately, Will has absolutely no interest in anything stuffed or bean baggy. It’s a cars cars cars all the time. I fI had a littler one, I’d definately have to get the sewing supplies out!

  9. Tamra

    gasp! cuuuute! love the idea and love you for sharing! thanks! i’m going to see how i can work with this idea to come up with valentines goodies for my son’s class! <3 thanks again. -T

  10. jane

    these are so cute. wait till i tell my kids i have another use for lentils. they´ll be si happy they don´t have to eat them 😉 warm hugs dear lisa!

  11. Linda

    Oh, these are just too adorable :)

  12. Shady Lady

    I just look at a sewing pattern and begin to hyperventilate. I really must get over this!!

  13. Jessica

    So cute!

    And, I have never seen such a beautiful photograph of lentils in my life! LOL

  14. Sherry

    Those are super cute–kind of look like bunnies. They’d make great Easter basket stuffers! :)

  15. Tricia

    Thanks for the super cute tutorial. I’ve made bean bags befoore – but just boring square ones. My daughter loves them and they get used all the time. I can just imagine how much she would love puppy ones. Thanks.

  16. Joy

    Those are so stinkin’ cute, Lisa! As your softie friends always are. :) We might have to make some bean bag friends. Thanks for the tutorial!