25 responses to “a gentleman’s sleeve pine sachet”

  1. andrea gutierrez

    great great idea. wish i would have seen this earlier (i’ve been a bit behind catching up!) so i could post it on believing nature. i know most people are done with their trees by now.

  2. Simple Mama

    What a great idea! I bet they smell amazing. I think I’m going to try this next year..and maybe toss in some lavender.

  3. Dawn

    What a lovely idea…yum, I bet they smell divine!

  4. nicola@which name?

    thank you thank you for this. i saw something similar selling for $15 and i thought “i am going to make one myself!” you just saved me from figuring it out!
    sweet project.

  5. AG Ambroult

    that is a fantastic idea. I swept up about 3 dustpans worth of pine needles last week. As I tossed them out the door, I got the most beautiful waft of that smell. I wished I had a way to preserve that. Now I do! (next year)

  6. Diane

    Very creative project. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might find interesting. Stop by when you have a chance and take a peek.

  7. karen

    SO sweet.
    I have a friend who makes bean bags out of her husband’s beat up shirts. TOo cool!

  8. Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

    Cool idea! I just made another batch of snow cream. This time we threw in some frozen berries with the vanilla. Very yummy, but verrryy cold!

  9. June

    So clever! Ours will go right under the girls’ pillow too: Love their daddy! Love their tree! Thanks for the great idea…

  10. Mariah@Playful Learning

    Really cute—and it must smell delicious!

  11. Melissa

    These are brilliant. And perfect for me because Ron likes sleeveless button up shirts in the summer so I have a bunch of sleeves but no uses. Now I have a use. Thanks for sharing!~

    1. Melissa

      I mentioned, and linked to these here. (Related but unrelated.)

  12. Hip Mountain Mama

    Yes, what a great idea. They turned out so cute.

  13. Heather

    What a great idea! we had so many pine needles, and I was waiting for some inspiration on what to do with them. This is just perfect!

  14. Karin

    I recently tackled the sewing machine lesson this past month and boy is it fun. I am a knitter and enjoy the slow pace of it but sometimes it noce to have instant gratification crafting:) Those sachet’s are a great idea!


    NICE HEY!!!!!!!

  16. Shady Lady

    You ladies are so clever!! I bet they smell wonderful.

  17. Kami

    This is such a great idea! A few weeks back I used an old dress shirt to make cushions for a little reading nook for my boys, leaving the shirt pockets on, so they could put toys and what have you in them.

  18. Earth Mama

    Eek! You always have the craftiest ideas using little bits of nature found here and there. I love it! We have this tradition of keeping our xmas tree out back until 4th of July…and then burning it in our firepit…so maybe I’ll have to go out there and collect some needles!


  19. Dawn

    I love this idea! I bet those sachets smell wonderful.

  20. halfpastafreckle

    I could have made a shirt or a dress out of that blue shirt!!! But on another note…I can totally picture Dave laughing at this!!!

  21. elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

    what a really wonderful idea…I love all the repurposing! thanks for your kind words on Heather’s blog…

  22. Debbie

    Great idea Lisa…and since our fir tree is propped up in a snow bank in the back yard…this shouldn’t be too hard. (except for the sewing part.) :)

  23. Rachel

    Aww, I love this idea. And my Christmas tree is still up and getting more fragrant by the day. Hmmm…. Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  24. Ivy

    What a clever way to use up old shirt sleeves and pine needles. I wouldn’t have thought of the double pocket idea.