25 responses to “newspaper chain countdown”

  1. hillary

    This is a great idea! I was feeling the same way–no energy for anything fancy but my 5 year old just said, “I feel like everyday is going to be Christmas and I never know which one!!!!”

    Time to break out the chain.

  2. Louise

    what a great idea!

  3. Mom and Kiddo

    Sometimes simple is definitely best!

  4. kristen

    Great idea!

    I haven’t been over to your little space lately b/c I’ve been so consumed with packing. I am thrilled to see that you won the homeschool blog award! Yeah!

  5. Tonya

    This is what we did last year… There is only so much time and it still works wonderfully.

  6. kyndale

    Every time I come to leave a comment, someone distracts me!! So, here I am..I love the chain idea. We have the advent calendars but the chain idea is so much more visual and fun. Love it. Maybe we can still do it for this year?? Why not! xo Kyndale

  7. Christiane

    Paper chains are great for counting down so many things! Seeing this post brings back many fond memories. :-)

  8. nicola@which name?

    oh my goodness, i am with marina. haven’t done one here, either and i love this eco friendly, simple reminder of how to count down to christmas!
    thank you! i didn’t know you might be moving?! wow.

  9. Jess

    Adorable! You have great ideas!

    You haven’t updated on your possible move to Georgia. Is it still a “go”?

  10. Marina

    I LOVE this!

    …and can I admit that I love the fact that I am not the only one who did not make an Advent calendar either?

    My boys will absolutely love the idea of ripping something all in the name of holiday cheer… thank you for the idea!

  11. Amanda

    I haven’t made a paper chain yet this year, life got in the way. I had been thinking it was too late, however… Now I am thinking its NOT too late, and I should use news print. Hmm, I am so glad I come here!

    Thank you!

  12. Dawn

    I have fond memories of making chains like this one when I was a young girl….every morning tearing of a chain….I was so excited to see it get shorter and shorter! We have a LEGO advent calendar over here and it is thrilling for my boy to open each day…I am going to add this to my ideas list for next year in the hopes that I remember to add it to our must do list :)

  13. kate

    Ah, yes, the paper chain countdown has long lived as one of my boys’ favorite advent activities. Simple, good for toddler counting, and completely takes mama out of the making-it mix (which can be a welcome break this time of year:))….

  14. Earth Mama

    I feel like I still need to make so many more things before christmas gets here too. Knitting takes the longest, sewing projects I can tackle in a day, given I have some support with the kiddos. It is kind of a bit tricky when making suprises for the kids…when they are always around.


  15. Linda

    What a wonderful idea!

  16. Sara

    Hello Lisa,
    That’s a great idea! And probably very exciting for your little ladies to remove one paper chain link every day. Our countdown is for the solstice as well.
    I hope you had a nice weekend!

  17. Quince and Quire

    Great idea! I like the way you re-used a variety of paper!

  18. erin

    what a lovely idea, very simple, but a perfect way for little ones to count down, thanks for sharing!!

  19. Ivy

    We often employ the good old paper chain. It works for Halloween and New Year’s too. We still have to sort out how much more we need to get, make and order. Ahhhh, the “joy” of the holidays.

  20. Joy

    Very cute! I love the mixture of silver, newspaper, and blue links. :)

  21. The Tan Family - Syrendell

    These traditional paper chains are the best! We still have some gifts to make, too. :)

  22. julia Rizzolo

    What a great idea. And looks lovely. My eldest Maia started to do that at school last week but she couldn’t quite explain the purpose of it. Now I know and will purse here too.

  23. Robin

    Don’t worry I will call you daily and ask you how many more days :)

  24. Jessica

    I have some gifts to make as well. It is 3 PM and I am still wearing pajamas, so you can see how well my day is going. Although, today I’ve cleaned Benjamin’s room, organized his toys (realized we have little room for the many more he will receive this month) and I’ve decluttered my kitchen cabinets…so it’s not like I’m sitting around being a bump on a “yule” log. 😉