43 responses to “herbal honey candy/coughdrops”

  1. Pineapple Powder

    “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

  2. Steve

    A quick tip for stopping almost any kind of over flow: Butter on the rim of the pot. The butter breaks the surface tension and pops the bubbles.

    If you got the sugar up to temp and kept it there for a decent amount of time then they should e pretty firm and not chewy unless you bite them. i’ve never put hard candy in the fridge to cool it so perhaps the rapid cooling doesn’t allow for proper crystallization.

    Thank you for the tasty recipe, I think I’m going to test some lemon and ginger out on my GF and see if they’ll help her usual bug. I’ve got a big pile of sage and rosemary in the garden, think it’d go well with it? next year i’ll plat peppermint… in a pot, last time it nearly blotted out the tomatoes lol.

  3. Christie

    If I can not get bee balm, what would you suggest instead?

  4. AG Ambroult

    excellent. This is what I always wanted…thanks for sharing the recipe.
    I linked to it on my blog!

  5. Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

    Yum! I want to make some.

  6. Pat

    Yummie and good :-)
    Mine is cooling down right now. And all of a sudden all my children are coughing 😉
    I had some diced onions in it, too. I didn’t add beebalm, didn’t have it.
    Next time I add ribwort to it as well.

    The water amount was not enough for me, either I didn’t measure the herbs well, or I don’t know. I just went with what felt right to me. But it took pretty long till it reached 300 F. I had a steady, but slowly increase, but had to turn it off once, so we can have dinner :-)

    Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. Pat

      I can’t cut them, but I roll them, that’s working…
      but, yes, very sticky…
      I had one in my mouth and ‘complained’ to my husband, that it’s very sticky and it sticks to my teeth. He just said, that must be the reason, while the kids are so quiet now, their mouths are sticked together *lol*

  7. pennie

    wow…what a great idea. i hope that this winter i may find the time to try something like this…crossing my fingers. you certainly have some of the greatest ideas here:) thanks! pennie

  8. Beth

    I’m so amazed by the wonderful quality of your crafts and concoctions! I’ll bet it will be a wonderful comfort to use these candies when you are feeling sick. Beth

  9. Heather

    I just put the infusion in a glass jar, and I am excited to get these going. I have been searching for herbal cold remedies over the past few days (for the coming season), and this is perfect. I will also be ordering some elderberries to day to make the syrup. Thank you for sharing

  10. julia Rizzolo

    What a great excuse to make delicious things. I must say, I won’t be trying that myself, way too challenging. The pictures are amazing!!

  11. SuchLovelyFreckles

    Wow, that’s impressive!!

  12. Maggie

    Great project! I love making candy and don’t have a lot of recipes using honey in place of sugar. Plus I have a ton of different dried mint to use up!

  13. Mariam

    wooooh yummy!

    i can’t wait to try this recipe! but .. you can’t boil/heat honey … ayurveda says it kills the benefits and makes its toxic … but i am not professional to advise you! do what’s best 😉



  14. Joy

    They look delicious! It looks like your kids agree. :)

  15. Earth Mama

    I’m glad you didn’t have to put 4 cups of honey down the drain! That would be a tough decision. These sound, and look, delicious!

  16. Amanda

    what a clever mama you are! I love this idea!

  17. Patricia

    Uche UCH, Ahchoo……,
    sorry I’m a bit cold.
    But these sweets will help 😉

    Thanks xo

  18. Sybille

    I’m sure it is fun to make candys!!

  19. sarah

    I love her colourful fingers!

  20. Mama Rose

    Wow Lisa, you rock!! This is too awesome 😀
    I’m so going to try this recipe out. I can’t wait-Thanks for sharing it 😀

  21. Stephanie

    I’ve been wanting to try cough drops, too! I haven’t looked closely at my recipes, yet, though.
    I’ll put it on the list! :)
    I love horehound, too. mmmm.

  22. Shady Lady

    These look so good! And so much healthier than the junk in the stores. :)

  23. nicola@which name?

    thank you for sharing your how-to! i really appreciate it!

  24. Erin

    What a cool & useful project! I’ve gotta earmark this for future reference. Thanks for sharing :)

  25. kyndale

    they look so amazing, and the picture of the dried herbs is so beautiful. Thank you for the recipe and all the good tips! xo Kyndale

  26. Debbie

    Yummy! Great idea. Another one to add to my list of things to try.
    Do you have a good resource for ordering your elderberries? I haven’t been able to find a place “I like.” :) Thanks.

  27. sarah in the woods

    I can’t wait to try this. You have such a wealth of wonderfulness here!

  28. Jessica

    Mmmmm, and I bet your house smelled wonderful, too!

  29. katie

    Thanks for the recipe and tutorial, it would be fun to give this a try. How long do the candies last in the fridge? I’m thinking that to have them be useful for coughdrops I’d need to make them well before the coughing started. :) Do you think they could freeze as well?