32 responses to “lavender/rosemary ink”

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    […] Herbal Scented Ink by Five Orange Potatoes. […]

  2. liz s

    did you use any preservative,was any necessary? I have made some beet ink and black walnut ink, but am wondering about mold. I like the idea of herbs.

  3. Annie

    No way! Lily’s been asking about making ink. It must smell lovely!

  4. Latisha Jalloh

    Your girls are cuties. I absolutely love your site! Thanks for following as well…

  5. AG Ambroult

    I can just smell it now. My girls are gonna love this excellent idea.

  6. kristin

    sounds truly lovely…i would love to write (and receive) a letter written with scented ink. another inspiring idea :)

  7. kate

    I. Love. This.

    We were just using feathers we found to write with– but we were using finger paint! This is a much better idea:) And the homemade paper and ink as a holiday gift, oh yes!

  8. kelleyn

    We do have are share of cold days in the fall, but they are spread in between the warms days. We still haven’t put the shorts away. Though I think that will only last for maybe two more weeks. I can’t complain. I feel so blessed to live here after living three years in Michigan.

  9. Bona Fide Mama

    you never cease to amaze me! this is a lovely activity. just today donut was asking me about writing with feathers. :)

  10. Robin

    Hey big sis! Can I have some lavender and mint to do this with No Limits??? I love this!!!

  11. Beth

    What a fun idea! I was excited when I saw your pokeberry juice ink this summer, I used to make that when I was a girl. love, Beth

  12. Earth Mama

    Wow. I had no idea you could make ink so easily! Awesome…and I have lavendar right out the front door.

  13. Emily

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to give it a try!

  14. Christiane

    I still have both herbs left in my garden. Hhmmm, maybe a craft day is in order if schoolwork is all finished by Friday morning?

  15. Sarah

    Looks like fun. I’ve enjoyed your Williamsburg posts because I went to college there.

  16. Linda

    Wonderful, wonderful ideas, I love to visit your blog, thank you :)

  17. Lisa

    I had never thought of scented ink before. What a fantastic idea!

  18. Mama Rose

    Wow, what an awesome idea! I especially love the idea of peppermint scented holiday greeting cards 😀

  19. Kami

    Wow! Love this idea…thanks for sharing.

  20. Shady Lady

    Princess says that she has always wanted to write with a feather pen. Perhaps this is something we need to work on.

  21. sarah in the woods

    Fun! I know Miah would like this.

  22. Jane

    Can I come live in your house?. . .you’re always doing such fun projects!

  23. Diane

    If you do move to GA in the summer depending on which area you move to – give me a hollar(lol) and I can maybe show you around some interesting places.

  24. Ivy

    That is so clever. Would never have thought it possible to make my own ink. Wow.

  25. Jessica

    I love this idea!! I’m trying desperately to find inexpensive handmade gifts to give this year–I was considering gift baskets of herbal cleaning supplies. This is another idea!! Thank you…glad you had a wonderful time in Williamsburg, too!