33 responses to “henry hoot owl (handmade holidays)”

  1. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home

    That is absolutely the cutest thing ever. If I could make those, I would give them to *everyone*. :-)

  2. Annie

    So cute! I was just given a couple beautiful wool sweaters. I’m going to consider cutting them up!

  3. Tammy

    Oh, he is absolutely adorable!

  4. sarah in the woods

    SO adorable! I love him!

  5. Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

    I agree, Henry definitely looks like an academic. Speaking of owls, I posted my interpretation of your lovely leaf owl mask on my blog if you’d like to take a peak…! :)

  6. Amanda

    Goodness gracious, dear Henry, I Love you. I love his eyes, I love his colors. He is an awesome owl!!!

  7. Heather

    Lisa, you create the most amazing things! I am truly inspired by your work

  8. Sara

    This owl is the cutest ever Lisa! I love that blue button eye! Your girls will be thrilled for sure!
    love, sara

  9. Stephanie

    He’s sooooo cute, Lisa!! :)

  10. Kat

    I love this! he definately needs a home in my book nook!

  11. Kami

    Ohhhh! He is too adorable. I think I would considering keeping him myself, too! 😉

  12. Sybille

    I love it! It’s very artistic, wow!!

  13. Kristi

    Love the eyes, this is so cute!

  14. Lisa Crowe

    I want one!!! How cute is he?! I wish I had time for all the inspiration you give me! Your ladies are lucky indeed! I still can’t believe it’s November already!

  15. Hip Mountain Mama

    Oh, I am lovin this owl!!!

  16. Dawn

    Yes, he does look like a well read owl. 😉 Very cute!

  17. kyndale

    You are very talented~ I just love the whimsical eyes and the color/texture combinations. xo Kyndale

  18. Willo@Green Gracious

    Wow! You have outdone yourself! I LOVE HIM!

  19. Debbie

    Oh…he is lovely. I want him for MYself! :)


    He’s perfect! I wish I had a mommy to make me some of those… lucky girls!

  21. cyndi

    he is a beauty! i lvoe that snowflake gleam in his eye:) wait, is he flirting with me?
    i think a bookshelf is a great place for that little guy.

  22. Mama Rose

    How cute! He does look quite ecclectic…I love that 😀

  23. Earth Mama

    Oh my, so stinkin’ cute! I want one too!


  24. Jane

    That could be the cutest owl I’ve seen in. . .well, maybe ever!

  25. Enikő

    Oh, soooo cute! :)

  26. Grace

    Too cute! Love those mismatched eyes.

  27. Nowheymama

    He is so. cute.

  28. Ivy

    That is so cute. Your little ladies are going to have a wonderful Holiday!

  29. tara

    Oh yes! Henry looks very wise indeed ~ a bookshelf would be a perfect roost :)

  30. andrea gutierrez

    all owl read the classics!! oh lisa, he is absolutely darling, such creativity!!!

  31. Linda

    I love him! He is beautiful:)

  32. nicola@which name?

    what a cutie he is!

  33. Robin

    Oh! No! He looks so similar to what I was making the girls but cuter :( This family is too crafty. I am going to have to come up with something else.