25 responses to “halloween”

  1. kristen

    Adorable times two! Looove the cat!

  2. Becca

    Adorable costumes!

  3. Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

    What beautiful princesses, and such a patient cat!

  4. Sarah

    Gorgeous! They look well recovered.

  5. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    Very beautiful princesses!

  6. Joy

    The little ladies are adorable, as always! What a good sport the kitty is! :)

  7. Dawn

    Your little ladies are adorable!

  8. Lisa Crowe

    The Ladies look Lovely!!!!!!!!!!! We had a great time! Hope you did too! I recognize that face… it’s the same face my cat makes when Goose and Binky are smothering him with love and kisses!

  9. kay

    the cat was patient but I thought Fauna looked a lot like you

  10. Jane

    Hope you all had a great Halloween!

  11. Julia Rizzolo

    They look so cute the ladies. And the cat too. I was looking forward to seeing how you did the pumpkin. Did take pictures?

  12. kyndale

    Very cute! I hope you had fun last night! The moon was nice and full :) Kyndale

  13. Stephanie

    Glad they’re looking happy and spry!

  14. Beegirl

    How enchanting! I do have to say though… I am loving the cat! Luther and Lindy (our kitty babies) would NEVER stand for this. Your kitty-o is true royalty!!

  15. Cheryl

    How completely adorable they are!! Were the gowns of their own creations?
    And the cat, how patient and adorable!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing the photo!!!

  16. Lucille

    Thank you for your visit and kind comment, I’m glad to see your daughters looking happy and well again. I have made a note of your remedies as a I fear we cannot evade the bug much longer!

  17. Louise

    what purrfect princesses you have there- all three

  18. Melissa

    Lovely! Almost Christmas like in there plush coziness!

  19. Kami

    What lovely princesses! Happy Halloween!

  20. nicola@which name?

    beautiful girls, beautiful costumes!
    happy halloween!

  21. Wendy Hawksley

    Aw, what beautiful little princesses. Josie looks adorable – amazing that she sat still and tolerated the attention. She must be a very sweet, easygoing kitty. :) Happy Halloween to all!

  22. Jessica

    The ladies look lovely…it looks like they are feeling much, much better, too!!

    Halloween Blessings…

  23. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    Happy Halloween! The ladies are so beautiful in their princess outfits. And Josie looks wonderful in her pretty jewelry. My niece used to dress her beagle ‘Sam’ in blue pearls and he’d sit up very straight to show them off. He didn’t like anyone to take them off either. :) xxoo

  24. Lisa

    Those are the prettiest princesses I’ve seen, both the human ones and the feline one. The cat picture is just too funny!

    We had two out of three of those things. Halloween was both safe and fun, not so healthy, though. Too much candy, not enough real food.

    I hope you had a great Halloween, too!

  25. Vic

    Oh they look adorable – all of them – what a pretty princess kitty! 😉