30 responses to “handmade holidays- frog and pollywog from a sweater”

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  2. Amy

    Um…those are absolutely ADORABLE! :)

  3. Dawn

    Wow, that is catchy and cute! My son came running from the other room….saying “What is that cool song?”. I never knew BNL had a kids album, too cool!

    And that Bog and Pollywog are so adorable, they look huggable!!

  4. Jane

    Oh she is so going to love these enchanting creatures!! How creative! I have been dreaming about making things out of old sweaters. Have you seen the book Sweater Renewal? Very good!!! What a great idea!! Thanks so much for posting it!

  5. Emma

    They’re just wonderful – and I’d forgotten about the word pollywog – it’s lovely!

  6. xiuxiu

    thanks for the song! I really love it, and you´re right. It stuck to my head all day long. I don´t mind though :))

  7. The Magic Onions

    They’re too sweet! You are so clever. Thanks for warning about the catchiness of the song… I’m about to go to bed and am known for singing nursery rhymes over and over in my head, for hours on end. I’ll check it our in the morning when i can have a whole day to sing it. LOL.
    Blessing and magic.

  8. Jessica

    OH MY GOD…love them! Especially love polliwog! Too precious!!

  9. Bona Fide Mama

    Oh, I’m certain Araina will be thrilled.

  10. Christiane

    Cute! Old sweaters are so fun to work with. We’re making our way through the current stash — no more buying until it’s gone!!

  11. Annie

    Wow! Nice job, Lisa! I love that green.

  12. Ivy

    Adorable!!!!! You have some lucky kids!

  13. Kami

    These are amazingly cute! I am just getting back into sewing and I hope to make some toys for my kids…thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Sarah

    Those are so darling! She’ll love them.

    Never heard that song before – it is really catchy!

  15. alisha

    those are too darn cute!

  16. debbie

    TOTALLY inspiring. we made critters out of chenille gloves last year – i love the idea of the recycled sweaters…hmmm…those wheels are a-turnin’…

  17. Sara

    Oh my goodness! Seriously….these froggies are the cutest…..you are one talented mama! Your little lady will LOVE them for sure! What an inspiration you are!
    Love from,

  18. Robin

    Holly Froggie, he is so cute!!!

  19. Sherry

    Bog & Pollywog are adorable! :)

  20. Quince and Quire

    These are wonderful! Cheerful, soft and colorful–I’m sure they will be loved!

  21. Amanda

    oh man that is cute! I really want to make something from a sweater now, and you were right, that song is catchy… that I am not going to thank you for, it depends on how long the song is in my head….

    Fun Post, thanks for sharing!

  22. Quince and Quire

    These are wonderful! Cheerful, soft and colorful–I’m sure they will be loved.

  23. Sarah

    Those are absolutely adorable! I was given a bag of old men’s sweaters- mostly cotton/blend….my husband didn’t want them so they are just sitting here. I was trying to think of something to repurpose them…..they aren’t pretty colors like that green…..but I wanted something more fun than a hat…..Although my boys would probably go for navy blue…..

  24. Beth

    My 22 and 19 year olds are not going to believe this is Bare Naked Ladies! I love your stuffed animals. I made something with a sweater yesterday which I am going to post soon….I see lots more fun creating with sweaters in my future! Beth

  25. nicola@which name?

    sooooooooo cute! and i LOVE barenaked ladies!
    if i had a million dollars….

  26. Julia Rizzolo

    Oh my god, they look so cute, so well made. Your girls must be so happy to have a mummy like you. Congratulations once again.

  27. tara

    Oh Lisa the frog and pollywog are just so cute and well made I might add!

    You amaze me with your creativity and your energy!

  28. kyndale

    We have that album and I LOVE that song!! Your bog and pollywog turned out awesome!!

  29. Marina

    Love those! When I first saw the photos I was worried that it was some knitting project (waaaayyyyy out of my skillset), but I can definitely do those with some sweaters! Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. Joy

    Those are SO cute! We love that song too (the whole cd, actually). I’m sure Araina will love them. :)