19 responses to “simple food chain”

  1. lyann

    I do Can call it Simply Wonderful is a good way on recycling stuffs. I do like to recycle stuff, have developed a recycling Eye (everything looks different through those glasses, I do not even know what to throw!..
    I have been making some recycling stuff out of spaghetti packages. Here in my blog http://imagessonnets.blogspot.com/ is a bit more detailed , there is
    my spaghetti package`s ribbon.
    goodbye (again good idea)

  2. andrea gutierrez

    i absolutely love this idea and just posted it to believing nature, http://believingnature.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/recycled-animal-crafts-showing-the-food-chain/
    way to go araina!!

  3. Emma

    That is absolutely gorgeous- it’s given me a great big smile!

  4. Katherine

    Thanks, that game was a lot of fun, and I love the little animals!

  5. Sarah

    Very cute! looks like something my 6 yr old would create. He’s a whiz with the cereal boxes

  6. Robin

    I am so proud of her :)

  7. Amanda

    oh how wonderful! I love when children take a scientific concept and express it with art! It is so cute, I may just want to take this idea and use it when my babies are old enough! Love the use of recycled materials! Thank you!

  8. tara

    I think she’s got the concept down…LOL Love the smiling mouse.

  9. sarah in the woods
  10. Sybille

    Sweet animal figures!

  11. Linda

    These little creations are so precious :)

  12. Heather

    Oh how sweet. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Wendy Hawksley

    Adorable! Maybe the mouse will eat the cheese, then turn the tables and eat the owl too… Perhaps that is why it is smiling.

  14. nicola

    sweet. i love recycled art!

  15. Stephanie

    Soooo cute.
    Yup– that mouse definitely looks like “the canary who fooled the mouse.”

  16. The Magic Onions

    The mouse might be smiling but not the cheese! I just love how she made these… the sticky tape is just my favourite!
    Blessings and magic to your clever Little Lady.

  17. Jessica

    How dear is that? For some reason it reminds me of the story The Marzipan Pig (have you ever read it? It’s beautifully macabre).

    I agree. That mouse looks a wee bit too happy. :)

  18. Joy

    That’s really cute! Araina’s such a creative little lady!

  19. Jane

    Very creative. I know the mice that live around us wish they weren’t so low on the food chain (or maybe they just wish our cats would move away).:)