12 responses to “science songs and videos (ptoe)”

  1. Julie Payne

    I can’t even count how many times my kids have listened to these songs. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing!!

  2. dongdong

    ha! I just heard the element song on “NCIS” like few nights ago. I’ll have to have the kids check out these.

    I also wanted to thank you for the experiment with the ivory soap. J loved it and thinks that is the BEST science experiment she has ever done! :) And of course she wants to do more like that one. :)

  3. dottycookie

    What a brilliant set of finds – thanks for sharing them!

  4. Emma

    Oh wonderful. I love the way the elements light up in the final song. These are fabulous and goodness They Might Be Giants is a blast from my past. What a great-sounding album.

  5. tara

    I just added this disc to my Amazon wish list! Thanks for posting these, I know Owen will love them and he still adores anything having to do with the Periodic Table of Elements :)

  6. Linda

    We have all just listened to these amazing songs, thanks you so much!

  7. nicola

    awesome awesome awesome! TMBG takes me right back to college. one of my best friends would love this for christmas. (ok, not homemade, but personally poignant!)
    make a little birdhouse in your soul, my friend.

  8. Lisa

    We love They Might Be Giants! I have their days of the week song on my Ipod, but I’ve never heard the water cycle song before. Thank you for sharing this!

  9. Jeannie Gambill

    We bought this cd two weeks ago and LOVE it! My seven year old walks around the house singin the songs all the time. We’ve even run across some of the topics in our science lessons and he’ll sing the answer!!

  10. Wendy Hawksley

    These are so cute. I remember when They Might Be Giants was our alternative music of choice in highschool. Discovering recently that they do children’s music was quite a trip for me!

  11. The Tan Family - Syrendell

    Wow…neat! Thank you for the wonderful song links.

  12. Jessica

    We have a wonderful children’s radio program here (based out of WXPN in Philadelphia) called Kid’s Corner. It airs every evening Monday-Friday from 7PM until 8PM (then it’s followed by alternative rock).

    You can listen online here: http://www.kidscorner.org/

    We love it! Not only do they play really great music but the host is amazing. They also host daily themed discussions. Some days it’s just kids calling in to chat, other times it is Library Day or Nature Walk discussions…and every Thursday is “Science Thursday.”

    WXPN is a brilliant public radio station…if you dig alternative, heritage artists, folk, world music, and anything under the sun…check it out here: http://www.xpn.org

    We are very lucky to have a local radio station this diverse! :)